Monday, 9 July 2007


So, is Digamber Kamat going the Manohar Parrikar way already?
A journo wrote to us claiming that Diggy has roused the management of a vernacular newspaper and complained against the newspaper's Margao reporter for not taking too kindly to him. The reporter was reprimanded by his bosses for trying dull Diggy's gloss.
All our managements sure do lend a eager ear to chief minsters, whether it's Luizinho, Diggy or Parrikar. Remember Parrikar's regime... When he first came to power Parrikar had a nice long honeymoon with the media, until one day he woke up to realise, that the media no longer excited him. During the honeymoon phase, Parrikar was showered with a series of abhisheks in form of glorious edits, ass-licking coverage and all.
The media... it extracted a pound of flesh too. Our favourite newspaper got printing contracts at its Verna outfit, some key Gomantak employees got enough capital to start their own newspaper, the Karnataka printers got land and a lot of controversial clearances, Waman Prabhu got the State Department of Information to pay for neutered footage he generated, that he even had the gall to call news and broadcast it for Goans to see. Phew there were many more instances.
And then one fine morning... the media woke up to find their 'man' missing from the nuptial bed. The door was open. Sunlight streamed in.
But, the room must have felt stale from several used condoms strewn on the floor.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your caption has no connection with the story.

10 July 2007 at 16:01  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

Goodness me have you lost it too anon 1? You really can't see the connection... try harder friend... its very obvious really...

11 July 2007 at 01:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has Pen Pricks gone through some of !!!!!!!!!!!!! editorials!!!!

11 July 2007 at 01:50  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

Hey anon 2... Got your comment... will try and dig out some of the stuff you mentioned. Didn't mention it in the comment section cause thought we'd surprise the folks a bit... And thanks for the tip man... Thanks a ton. Sorry had to crop your comment in order to maintain the surprise

11 July 2007 at 01:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll give u guyz an example. Try looking at the mag where Mr. Rane in man of the year. (Think it was 2003). The mag has his face on the cover.
According to the editor Mr. Rane talks at the "subsonic" level. Is this thesaurus for inaudible? hehe

2 August 2007 at 00:36  

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