Friday, 6 July 2007


Guys... we've received some anonymous comments within the last two days, by two Herald staffers who have used vulgar language and cast unsubstantiated allegations against Agnelo Pereira, Joseph Deva and Robin.
Penpricks will not carry these comments for their sheer vulgar import. If there are issues which require mention, try and substantiate guys...


Anonymous Anonymous said...


This is Joe from Herald.

1. I want to tell the anonymous person(s) who have made unsubstantiated allegations against me (using vulgar language), that your suspicion that I’m being associated with the penpricks bloggers is completely baseless and misplaced.

2. Just because I read the blog everyday, it doesn’t mean I’m associated with it, or that I send e-mails to persons who are handling the blog.

3. It is cowardice to hit at someone by hiding behind anonymity. If you have the guts you should settle scores face to face.

Thank you.

7 July 2007 at 19:30  

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