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(Hi guys, a reader sent us this story picked up from the Herald, accompanied with these three terse sentences. (We've only highlighted the mistakes) Think he/she has a point here. Really, how could the reporter file a copy as bad as this. Really deplorable. Who was the sub in charge of this page? How in the hell could any dumb-ass sub okay a copy like this... Our guess... Anthony... both are eminently capable of producing such masterpieces... If someone does know who cleared this page, please tell us guys... READ ON

'Hey what are you subs doing? Who the hell has filed this copy? What is this shit you are feeding your readers? (THE READER'S COMMENT)

Veg prices shoot up as monsoon fury lashes country

PANJIM, JULY 2 – Prices of vegetable (vegetable? Singular? Which one buddy) have increased sharply in the last two weeks as monsoon fury lashed many parts of the country. Vegetable production drops in the first week of monsoon having corresponding effect on price of vegetables – local traders in the State exploit the situation to fullest as Goa relies on Belgaum for its supplies. (This is a weird comment in the very first paragraph)
But according to Orlando Rodrigues, Managing Director of Goa State Horticulture Corporation (GSHC) prices will come down in the next fifteen days. It is always during first few weeks of rains, vegetable (have you swallowed something buddy... Perhaps a grammatical device) prices go up. However, he pointed out that veggies sold at GSHC’s outlet located in Panjim market is (is is is? ARE you alright?) much lower than what is sold by other traders. And GSHC will continue to sell vegetable (one vegetable... which one? The Orlando bean?) at reasonable prices, he said.
A visit to a Panjim vegetable market showed that there is (you've slipped into the present suddenly, haven't you?) considerable price difference between vegetables sold by two segments.
While carrot (this guy loves singular. Do you manage to do everything alone friend? EVERYTHING? hehe) was sold at Rs 60 per kg in the Panjim market you could buy the same for Rs 20 less at GSHC’s shop. Similarly, price difference was noticed in other vegetables too.
Rodrigues said, wise selection of agents (wise agents? Whats wrong with this guy? Next you'll have philosophers peddling spinach) in Belgaum have helped Corporation (swallowed something again!!!) to purchase vegetables at reasonable price, (and again) and so could (phew) pass on cost benefit to consumers.
In reference to Herald (AND AGAIN) July 2, Rodrigues clarified that Hopcom had never approached GSHC and their allegations were not true.
According to K B Dhundi, deputy director of Horticulture Produce and Marketing Co-operative Society (Hopcom) had offered to have a trading alliance with Goan counterparts, but horticulture officials in Goa snubbed the efforts and did not evince any interest in the offer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you all hire sub editorrs from Belgaum too? Whats the going whole sale for subs there?

4 July 2007 at 20:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be shocking for the writer that the sub-editor who was on duty that day is none other than his close pal. I will not disclose his name. Why don't the writer ask Agnel Pereira? It would be advisable that in the future before guessing wildly and pointing fingers at others, the writers of this site think twice.

4 July 2007 at 21:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's the name of the sub who cleared this piece ?

3 August 2007 at 19:04  

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