Tuesday, 3 July 2007


Had Sridevi still been doing films these days, this story would have certainly been inspired to do a NAGINA -- part 3. The Navhind Times today resurrected the poor woman, who it claimed had died of a snake bite a couple of days back. The last resurrection of such consequence was perhaps reported 2000 odd years ago, but The Navhind Times wasn't around to report it then.
The newspaper in its clarification tells you all. That the woman actually wasn't dead, but recuperating. It also tells you, that the headline was incorrect, but the story was right.
But it still fails to explain how its Vasco correspondent figured out that the cobra was a female... How the heck did the Vasco correspondent 'figure' this out? Roger 'Figuerido'
tell us man...

Snake-bite victim recovering
NT News Service
Vasco, July 2: The 28-year-old woman, Ms Rani Singh who was bitten by a snake at her
residence by a snake at her residence at Baina on Saturday is recovering at the Goa Medical College (GMC) and Hospital at Bambolim.
Close relatives informed that the victim, Ms Singh has recovered 70
per cent from the snakebite injuries. She is however still under observation in the intensive care unit. The victim is residing to Jata Shankar Temple on the Sasmollem, Baina hillock close to the Gandhinagar, Mangor Hill area. She was referred to the Cottage Hospital at Chicalim and then shifted to GMC.
The headline "Woman dies of snake bite" given to the report of this incident was misleading as to the condition of the victim. The error is regretted.


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