Tuesday, 3 July 2007


Hey guys, here's a gem from the "Newspaper you can 'never' Trust".
The Navhind Times' page 3 of the July 2 edition has a story titled 'Woman dies of snakebite in Vasco'.

However, nowhere in the item is it mentioned that the woman has actually died of the snakebite. The report states that she has been admitted to the ICU at the Goa Medical College, Bambolim and is undergoing treatment.
Looks like The Navhind Times has 'death on its pages' now. Or say 'blood on their hands'. Hey that's pretty melodramatic... They've just been themselves now... Error-ridden and full of ridiculous stories like most times.
And there's a sidelight to this story too... Roger Figuerido the guy who puts together the local pages in The Navhind Times is also from Vasco.... perhaps familiarity bred this 'risque-content'... hmmm somehow this pun's not classy....
Hey but its murder we are talking about here... Attempted murder... Liable for prosecution under section 307 Indian Penal Code... Joking guys... dammit... just can't seem to get the timing right... :)
One more thing... The Vasco correspondent seems to be one hell of a reptile enthusiast. He has even figured the snake's gender here... He begins his story this way... 'A female cobra'... This one's almost a la Shyam Zambaulikar...

Woman dies of Snakebite in Vasco

NT News Service

Vasco, July 1: A female cobra bit a 28-year-old woman while she was fast asleep on Saturday night.
According to information, Rani Singh, who resided near Jata Shankar Temple on the hillock which is known as Sasmollem Hill, a little distance away from Gandhinagar, Mangor Hill locality, was fast asleep when a female cobra entered her house at around 2.30 a.m. and bite her left hand. Her husband noticed the bite when she raised an alarm.
She was rushed to the Cottage Hospital at Chicalim and then shifted to the Goa Medical College (GMC) and Hospital, Bambolim. She is in an unconscious state and undergoing treatment in the intensive care unit
(ICU) of the GMC.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This could be Robinhood's idea of making some extra bucks for himself using fake names and at the same time collecting cash for the articles he 'edits' via the usual copy-paste route which he is extremely fond of.
Penpricks please give the guy a break and allow him his SPACE to make the extra moolah as he is otherwise idle in his cabin with no major task than to make minor alterations to someone else's hard work and give non-existent credit lines.
BTW what happen to all the HERALD'S "EXCLUSIVE" "SPECIAL" and other related tags on its SUNDAY edition page 1? Is the newspaper's crime reporter still alive and curious to investigate in the matter or has he, too, sold his soul like his boss?

3 July 2007 at 22:18  

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