Friday, 6 July 2007


Hey guys, looks like there’s a mini civil war in the Herald now… One of their subs Agnelo Periera has sent us this stuff… This guys mail is a spin-off from an anonymous comment we had received from a Herald staffer.
Agnelo in this mail here, seems to have taken a high moral as well as a pretty high oral ground… hehe. As in he just goes on and on and on.
We’ve dotted Agnelo’s mail to us with some comments of our own… It’s in bold and italicized text as usual. Read on guys.


Hi Pricks,

It's sad that the anonymous writer, who had the cheek to drag my name over the post – "Mistakes in the Herald…Going by the Quintal" -- had no spunk to reveal his name. (we have nothing to say about that… We go anonymous ourselves)
I do not know what stimulated the invisible creep, who indirectly hints that I may be responsible for the post on the blog. (Keep guessing buggers. But don’t riot like this… there are civil ways to tackle this)
After going through the post and on a personal level, I spoke to my colleagues who were responsible to churn out such awful stuff. (Hey, this guy knows who actually wrote the post… Ok this time we wont hazard a guess)
And you got it all wrong. Anthony wasn't the sub in charge of the page on that day. (Hey Anthony… sorry we named you man. We got it wrong)
Though, I have no axe to grind against you pricks, but I feel it is heavily biased against the Herald, in spite of your rationale that "a lot of shit is happening in there." (Hey man… you are free to feel what you want. We would still like to reiterate that a lot of shit continues to happen here)
I look at your work as a critical appraisal (hmm we’ve never visualised ourselves in such serious light… ‘critical appraisal’… kick-ass sounds much better hehe), just like Rico use to carry out his famous "postmortem" during his association with the Herald. (A postmortem can be carried out on a carcass… the Herald is a fossil now… so please forgive us for not filling into the venerable Rico’s shoes…)
I must add though that penpricks is getting too personal. (Hey are we… did you see the tattoo on our... hehehe…)
I have personally made it a ritual, to go through the blog once in a day. (Ok… thanks man… We now crown you as our STAR reader… on the lines of Herald’s STAR LETTER trend)
As for the invisible face who had the gall to mention my name, I can only pity him.

Agnelo Pereira


Blogger agnelo said...

Hi pricks,

How on earth can you guys name names in your posts, while you take refuge in anonymity?
What happens when you screw-up with the names?
You just can't get away with a mere sorry, man.
It's utterly unfair.
I feel you guys are a frustrated lot and need to take a walk in the park.

Agnelo Pereira

6 July 2007 at 19:06  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

Like we said, we are quite pissed with ourselves that we put Anthony in the wrong boat this time... If you do feel like taking a walk in the park yourself... do drop us a line

6 July 2007 at 19:57  

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