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Around 20 people men and women, from Navelim came to the Herald at around 2.15 pm on July 3. Some of them stayed parked themselves near the entrance, while 8 of them went to meet the Editor Robin Abreu. (Hey, these were eight ‘real’ people. Real names, bio-mass and all, quite unlike the fictitious folk who keep springing up in Herald’s pages hehehe…)
Well, perhaps it was a crawling feeling along the spine or a sinking feeling that 8 heads would also mean 16 hands and 16 feet, Herald’s personnel manager -- the likeable Mr Gaonkar and Publisher by convenience Vinayak Pai Bir were rushed to the editor’s cabin.
The visitors were some saucy, spunky Navelimcars -- men and women who had found something fishy about an allegedly derogatory letter (derogatory to Navelimcars, derogatory to Churchill Alemao, but eulogising Luizinho Faleiro) and had dropped in to vent their feelings to Robin. According to information we received form very, very reliable folks, Robin sat like a mouse throughout the meeting with folded hands near his groin.
The Navelimcars wanted to know the identity of the writer Jennifer Furtado and if she really existed. (We’ve asked this question several times too Nikhil Joseph, Sonali Maria, etc remember. Too bad they beat us to storming the office and so on) They also told the editor and co that the language used in the provocative peace was the sort Luizinho Faleiro uses. (How did they spot that? Easy… any sentence where eight adjectives are used where one could have sufficed… that’s Luizinho. Oh… he may not have written the letter himself… he is too vain for that, he would have dictated the letter to his minions, just the way he does it with reporters)
While leaving, the Navelimcars soundly warned the editor and the co that they would castrate Herald's circulation in Salcete (and that would hurt the Herald). Looks like this had the desired effect… Herald blinked…The editor published an apology on the front page and two letters on the edit page.
We bring you first, the `provocative' piece, which triggered the ire of Navelimcars (read Churchill's supporters) that appeared on the Herald on July 2, 2007, right on top on the extreme right column of the edit page. Note… the edit page.

By Jennifer Furtado
Elections are held to give people an opportunity to choose representative for their own benefit, but elections for Navelim Constituency was an examination to prove what Luizinho had always
emphasized on "Navelincho lok mahan lok", "Navelincho lok hunxear lok" sorry to tell you Mr Luizinho, elections for the year 2007 proved you wrong. People of Navelim are not intellects neither great, but they are ungrateful crocodiles and can go to any extent gain power and
collect money. For them money is God and so they are ungrateful crocodiles and can go to any extent to gain power and collect money.
For them money in God and so they serve any creature, and are even ready to announce a fool as king. The only thing that this fool needs to possess is money.
Well, no MLAs neither any contesting candidates are saints, all have a grey sides as part of their lives, and so we as people need to elect someone who has vision for us, for our future and our state – Goa. But did we really do so?
Kya kare Mamu?…… Navelim people saw the name "Save Goa", and jumped to new heights. Aare yaar! Why you'll failed to recall that the Supremo of the party is illiterate. Any ways Churchill, let me help you to make some correction in your spelling. Yes, its not `Save Goa,' it is `Shave Goa'.
Since all you people of Navelim have enjoyed to the hard works of Mr Luizinho for too many years, now the time has come for you'll to serve the dictation -- `Lord of Money' and `King of Brutality', who shall reward you'll with crime and serve your children with alcohol, thus weakening the future pillars of Navelim. Yes, you all will be paid the fruit of your ungratefulness and foolish act – crime and no development.
The monsters who was driven away by Benaulim people long back for they knew his true self is elected by you'll. Well, you'll have invited a big storm that will only bring devastations and destruction toyour lives "think before act" is a famous quote and yes it is true. It is good to always think before we act. Great heroes have won and are still in the books of history – well this is not because of a foolish act but a bright cognitive process. What was to be done is done and now we cannot change the situation even if we want to. Now all that we can do is pray to God for our safety. Being a true Goan, I shall pray for your safety and for the safety of your children and their future.
As I end, I wish the man with vision Mr Luizinho Faleiro for developing his constituency and for creating new Navelim – a place full of brighten an for making the constituency the most developed among all 40 constituencies in Goa. Well done and wish you all the best. May God bless you to keep up your good wishes.

Now… we bring you the apology that appeared on the front page of the Herald on July 4, below the fold. It had a one point red coloured box with a blue screen on the IN BRIEF column.

The Editor has the gall to refer to the stinking piece as a ‘news item’. He actually lies and refrains from admitting that it appeared on the Edit page – a page that the editor is solely responsible for.

"With reference to the news item which appeared in the
Herald edition dated July 2, 2007 on page 10 by Jennifer Furtado, "Navelim People Ungrateful Voters", Herald apologises to the people of Navelim as the news item did not intend to hurt the sentiments of the people of Navelim."
-- Editor.

And even as if the apology on the front page wasn't enough, the victims (Navelimkars) where given more space on the Edit page, where two of their `letters' (‘news items’ according to the editor) were published on the right side of the edit page. Looks like the letters were carried verbatim. It appears the letters have not been edited for its grammar, text and spelling. (but we are used to it aren’t we… hehe) We have carried them as it is with bum-kissers and all, for the readers to grin.
But an issue needs to be addressed here… Does a brusque call to an editor’s office merit such a slack-kneed response by the Herald? Is this a precedent set? We’ve all seen in the recent past how Herald’s editorials have been disgustingly biased in favour of Churchill Alemao… Has his political loss in the larger scheme of things, meant that either Herald or Robin have shifted masters from Churchill to Luizinho now?

Jennifer please explain
The article appearing on the edition dated 2nd instant under the caption "Navelim People areungrateful voters" by Jennifer Furtado, is highlyinsulting and derogatory. We Navelikars want to know who is Jennifer Furtado and what connection she has with Navelim andLuizinho
Feleiro. Is she from Navelim?
Does she know Luizinho Faleiro better then Navelikars. Has she seen him prior to 1980 or is hse a `DALAL' for his real estates and malls. Navelikars had extended Luizinho Faleiro a golden had to come up from rags but Navelikars will never permit Luizinho's dadagiri and gundagiri.
Who is illiterate? Mr. Churchill Alemao is well qualified in Portuguese studies. It is not bookish knowledge which is important but generous heat and clear mind which are the assets of our newly God given M.L.A. If Jennifer Furtado has any guts she should give an unconditional apology to Navelikars as Luizinho has not done any fovours to Navelikars but he has done his duty as legislator who was highly paid for his job by the public exchequer. Does literate Jennifer knows that the voter isthe king in democracy. Navelikars will not take this insult lying down.

Navelcar seeks apology from Jennifer Furtda
We, the people of Navelim demands for theunconditional apology in public form said, JenniferFurtado for writing derogative, insulting write upunder the caption "Navelim people ungrateful voters" on the "
Herald" newspaper on the 2nd july 2007 instant has hit infermo
categorically amongst Navelim people. If writer's name is fictional, then the editor of
Herald should be held responsible. I disbelief writer is from Navelim. Furthermention as truly Goan. Navelcars are also Goans which the writer which the writer fails to understand. The constitution gives us our fundamental rights"Freedom or right to vote" hence the "Ungrateful"word used towards Navelim people is definitely will be termed as crime.
The electoral mandate wisely declared who they want and who they don't want. What is err here. Navelcars have given their final verdict by casting their precious vote and you have to accept that.
Who is this Jennifer? What right does this writer have? To say the people of Navelim are ungrateful voters. Who permitted to freely liebralise these hurting words. The writer also said the Monster was driven away in Benoulim, if Luizinho was a man of vision, he too is shown the exit door. Do you call this man of vision? Further the writer make correction in spellingthe word "SAVE GOA" you refer any dictionaly, these words are spelt correctly. Do you feel this writer
is literally sound? These are called hired writers, and thy can cross a limit to any extent for money. Therefore, I challenge truly existing Jennifer Furtado to come in public stand and verify clearly for notion that what you have professed is true, or else I can prove your moral principle is immoral
blatant lies.



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