Friday, 6 July 2007


A reader sent this in...

The plagiarism menace is not restricted to the Herald alone but is also adopted in a much different manner by a senior reporter in charge of a popular Marathi daily's Margao office in the south.
Ironically, though the paper shares a close bond with the Herald, the schoolmaster-journalist takes his labour pains (pun intended) whilst either translating the news reports that have appeared in the English editions or re-writes those in the vernacular that he has missed for the day for the next day's edition.
While we have another school-master opts to write his edits pretending to be writing a report that ultimately finds its way in the English daily that lacks advertisements on a rainy day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that we have Herald employees responding...
May I ask them ....
Who's Nikhil Joseph?
Who's Sonali Maria?
How much do they get paid per article?
Perhaps they could shed some light on this ... (name excluded -- Penpricks)

7 July 2007 at 11:08  

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