Wednesday, 11 July 2007

AGNELO PERIERA KO GUSSA KYON AATA HAI (We don't know guys... but we think he needs to learn salsa... and just chill a bit in life)

This is the last time we use our blog for ranting by Herald staffers. Penpricks will not henceforth allow its space to fight such personal battles. Since the draw has been called by some folks against Agnelo Periera, we are giving him the opportunity to go for his gun. But this gun slinging ends here.
We journos are vain folk. Come on guys this is splendid space to discuss the merits/demerits of your newspaper, your work environment here. Not this shit about whose arse needs a scrub. Grow up guys.

RESPONSE BY AGNELO PERIERA (and thats us in bold, italicised, sitting pretty in the brackets)
More than anything, I was pretty amused by the comments for their sheer vulgarity, hatred and envy. (Can't resist this... we just can't resist these comments... If vulgarity amuses Agnelo, wonder what would porn do to him... stiffen him up perhaps)
One word describes it all. Nauseating. That's it. (oh the 'amusing' part was the pun then)
If you can't hit him professionally, heckle him personally. This seems to be the maxim of the anonymous fellows, who have proved that they are just that -- gande nalli ka kiddas. (This is line straight out oh HUM. Rememner the Amitabh, Rajnikant starrer... His corny philosophical dialogue... 'Is duniya mein do tarah ke kide hote hain..ek gande nali ka kida aur' Agnelo seems to have done well here)
It's better to be envied then pitied.
Pity you guys for having no b…. (that's balls for the uninitiated) to come on record.
Pity you guys for having to stoop to the level of gutter rats.
Oh yes! You have guessed it right. I have a very close association with penpricks. I read their stuff regularly, which I suppose you guys do too. So, we are all contributing to penpricks, aren't we?! (Oh Agnelo's so close to PENPRICKS, we tell him to brush his teeth again every morning, twice)
And yeah, oh yeah! I don't try, I definitely clean my A*** after S*** and at times damage my A*** when I get constipated. (Yuck... we have no truck with this) But would never ever go to war with S*** (guys like you)!! Not worth it. Spineless creatures.
Scared?? My foot. Calling a spade by no other name has always been my attitude, can that be construed as a `misdeed'?
Oh my! Am I delighted on being romantically linked!! Guess what? I have been having a ball on the terrace. If the female sub-editor has no problem, tu s*** kabab me haddi kyon banta re... (hey we never thought PENPRICKS could be construed as a matrimonial device... All the best Agnelo. Wave out to us from the terrace, when you can)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the Herald employees are suffering from burnout & stress and are unnecessarily biting one another's heads off.

Apart from the ghostly appearances of Sonali Maria, Nikhil Joseph and Jennifer Furtado (Not sure about the last one though. Not to mention some stories 'inspired' from other media), Herald is a decent paper to read.

The fact remains that there isn't really much to report about in Goa. May I suggest that, instead of publishing throughout the year, you take a break on State and National holidays. Give the delivery guys a break too. (Other papers do it !)

11 July 2007 at 03:25  
Anonymous aditya said...

What are you talking about? I'm asking; really.

I live in Goa and read the Herald about once a month. It's like a high-school paper written by overgrown kids whose college applications got turned down. Oh well, shit happens, yeah?

I wanted to say more, but life in Goa sucks the words right out of my mind. Maybe I should write for .. you know who.

Keep the flag flying. I am certain that it matters.

8 August 2007 at 19:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


14 August 2007 at 02:41  

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