Thursday, 19 July 2007


The biggest terror in Goa is Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Ujjwal Mishra’s tongue.
Each statement stemming from this guy is like a fidayeen running berserk… With so much talking, one wonders whether the guy has anytime left for policing.

Over the last few years, DIG Mishra has been the official mascot of every journo covering crime in Goa. At hand and forever ready for a glib statement on just about anything… His controversial statements when an alleged Kashmiri militant was arrested in Goa was legendary. He is more often than not, the rubber stamp that endorses rumour, gossip or terror alerts, whichever a journo is in a mood to publish. ‘Terror alert’, ‘red alert’ is like cream on his coffee…
But he seems to have sobered down a bit of late… Reacting to a story published in the Mid-Day by J Dey on a possible terror threat in Goa, DIG Ujjwal Mishra stemmed his customary verbal ‘sewage’ and strangely resorted to ‘assuaging’ fears that there was no intelligence input indicating a terror threat in Goa.
So what’s happened… Has the Election Commissions chiding of Mr Mishra for ‘ineffective handling of poll duties’ been working him up a bit?


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