Thursday, 26 July 2007


Is NDTV really going the Shyam Zambaulikar way? oh oh oh... we've never had a post on Shyam Zambaulikar have we? The Navhind Times' Margao correspondent... Trust us we will soon.
In a few of sentences let's sum him up... Shyam is The Navhind Times fix-it-man in Margao... No no no not the journalist bit... he does everything the NT bosses want him to... And when he wishes to, he writes as the NT Margao correspondent too. The copies that Shyam sends across, is stuff legends are made of.
The gentleman works as a teacher in a school in or around Margao, but when he comes to writing stories for the newspaper, he appears to leave his primer behind... His copies make hilarious reading.
One of Shyam's traits which finds an echo in this NDTV story is the way he inserts quotes at will in his story. Even the simplest of Shyam's stories will have an unattributed quote or two. Another legend has it that Shyam has invented a "quote generation" machine and has installed it on his work desk. All you need to do is punch in a button and type in the issue and a quote hollers out from it... Neat isn't it. Wonder if he has sold it to T S Sudhir of NDTV.
The funny quotes are the ones in bold.
YSR-Naidu face-off in AP Assembly
TS Sudhir
Monday, July 23, 2007 (Hyderabad)
TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu's outburst in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly over his legislators' arrest in Anantapur on Saturday got a bit too much for Chief Minister Rajasekhara Reddy to take.
''Chandrababu, you will regret having come out of your mother's womb into this world after I complete my speech. At the end of the day, you will be a washout,'' said Reddy.
The angry outburst triggered more protests which was followed by a not-too-apologetic apology.
''If you think, I have said anything unparliamentary today, then you may please verify,'' the CM said.
The public display of not-so-courteous behaviour by elected representatives on live television drew cynical responses from people.
Particularly since last week, TDP and Congress MLAs had come to blows at a meeting in Srikakulam.
''I hardly watch news or politics. But whenever I put on the TV they are either abusing or beating each other which is such a put off,'' said a man on the street.
''We are going the Bihar way. Soon Andhra Pradesh will even beat Bihar. It's becoming a national phenomenon now,'' added another man
Even as rival political parties compete to score brownie points, they could perhaps do well to take note of what falling standards of public behaviour is doing to politicians' image in public perception.


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