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We received this comment from a reader. It had a lot of sexual slander against Dilip Borkar, which has been edited. -- Penpricks

Lots has been written about the English Dailies in Penpricks. More of it about Herald and Robin. Let’s have something about Devnagiri Konkani.
The other day I was going through the Weekender (GT). The centre spread page on one side speaks about a lady activist Norma Alvares who really deserves the space for what she is talking about and highlighting about present day issues.
The other half is occupied by the half page News and half page photo about the State Rewards. I will stick here to write about the Black guy with white beard Dilip Borkar and his take on Remo. Dilip Borkar, because he is a Publisher and Editor of Bimb Publications a monthly Konkani Magazine in Devnagiri.
Says Dilip Borkar “Remo only sings during agitations, while it is people like us who actually work at grass root level. Remo is taking more credit for himself than the reward himself.”
When a person makes a remark against a renowned personality like Remo who has been honoured with Padmashree by none other than the President of India, the person making such a statement should equally command respect in the society and be atleast be able to stand in the shadow of a person like Remo. Does Dilip Borkar have this in him?
What Dilip Borkar is composed off is a mystery everyone would like to know.
He was once upon a time an unqualified teacher along with Manoj Joshi and a bunch of (edited) others including Umesh Joshi who retired as a Head Master in a school in Panjim. This is the place I mean school where Dilip Borkar learnt the art of (edited) under the able guidance of Umesh Joshi. As they were not adequately qualified to teach they were dismissed from service except Umesh Joshi. Presently Manoj Joshi is running a wholesale wine shop besides being a stamp vendor near secretariat and Umesh Joshi is giving tuition classes called Joshi’s near People’s High School.
Coming back to Dilip Borkar, thereafter he joined the newly established Goa University and continued with his (edited) activities and was again dismissed for being unqualified to teach. (Although he is a good Konkani writer he does not have sufficient training to be a teacher).
He also tried his luck in politics and after being an unsuccessful politician, his hobnobbing with St. Andre MLA Francis Silveira (then Housing Board Chairman) got him the contract of producing a film on Goa Housing Board where he made some money.
Coming to his present status he was also thrown out of GBA as he was the member of Vichar Vibhag (think tank) of Congress. Sitting on the dais and making a speech (Bashan tokla – Marathi - for making speech) does not confer the status of an activist of GBA.
(paragraph edited)
Coming to the Bimb Publications Dilip is not cut throat like Rajan Narayan. He does not use the back mail magic but he uses the art of marketing, Space for a price. Maybe he has worked sometime at the Reliance Industries store or a coke or Pepsi outlet.
Besides his (edited) activities, a political liason, an unsuccessful politician and space for price, what is the contribution of Dilip towards Goan media and society. Only being a Editor and Publisher does not make him a white clean personality. (sentence edited)
So what is Dilip Borkar made out of? His structure is of a deceitful person who bullies everyone with his white hair and white beard. He feels he is a replica of Rabindranath Tagore that’s how he hooks the (edited) with is mere appearance.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

These Goa Konkani Akademi (please don't ask me about the spelling of Akademi) buggers are parasites. They publish books which they only read.

They had the audacity to file a complaint of vehicle theft, when they very well knew that their Member Secretary Mr. Melvyn Vaz, was using it with the official driver at the wheel!! These guys should have been penalised for wasting police time and resources.

I understand that they have snacks/meals at par with royalty at their meetings.

It's all about the money and how you earn it!

24 August 2007 at 09:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dilip Borkar, maybe a good columnist (Gimlet in Navaprabha & Borkari in Sunaparant), but he surely did not deserve the Sahitya Akademi award for his full-of-mistakes travellogue called Gomanchal Himanchal... His magazine BIMB is just a front for collecting Govt. advts. For all his bravado, he does deals with Silveira and other land grabbers. As part of the Congress Vichar Vibhag, he spews venom against Romi-Konkani lovers and questions nationalism of the Christians. He is just another broker trying to show that he is activist.
He looks down upon everybody and hence is given respect by none.

24 August 2007 at 15:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 2: You mention 'nationalism'. I have been pondering on that one for a very very long time.

I go to the mamlatdar's office, they want a 'Gandhi' note(the yellowish coloured one). At a Save Goa Front (Not the political party.. I am talking about the one prior to it, headed by non - politicians) meeting Nirmala Sawant said that to get an ASI (police) 9.5 lakhs worth of 'Gandhis' was asked of an aspirant. These are just 2 of the many examples including residency certificate cases I have encountered.

So, the conclusion I have sadly come to, is that patriotism/nationalism is determined by the amount of 'Gandhi' you can give.

As Sujay Gupta had once in his editorials mentioned that whether or not you get Capital punishment or not is dependent on your capital.(Good lawyers are expensive !!)

25 August 2007 at 01:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What does one conclude with this...

Does Dilip Borkar's State Reward has to be recalled.

I wonder what is the criteria for giving state rewards. Is it hobnobbing with politicians.

Becos a few years back Mr. Somnath Zuwarkar was awarded best citizen award. After that Micky Pacheco was awarded Best citizen award. The next in line will be either Babush Monsorrate, Victoria Fernandes or Rudolf Fernandes. Sorry, I missed Mr. clean who is clearer than Surf and Rin Supreme together Mr. Monohar Parrikar.

28 August 2007 at 15:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Penpricks

I never new Dilip Borkar was such a great personality.

After going through the story and contents. I conclude that he should be either recommended for Padmashri.

Now I understand why he is against Remo Fernandes, cos he is a pro-
Romi konkani supporter.

But surely I agree that his award or reward.... whatever it may be has to be recalled. Because that man has no morality only vulgarity.

31 August 2007 at 12:39  

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