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The split in the Tarun Bharat ownership seems to have really hurt the newspaper.
Brutal management and mercenary instincts of Kiran Thakur’s nephew Ashok Dhond had seen TB take on the Dainik Gomantak successfully.
But now internal bickering has resulted in Dhond carving out the publishing slice of the business pie for himself, leaving the bearded Kiran alias Mama Thakur with the string of newspapers.
The paper has slipped since. Goa Doot has been eating into its readership and Gomantak’s slipping back into the groove. And Mama’s sluggishness doesn’t help much…
Mama Thakur seems to have taken the easy but unethical way out… Tarun Bharat has once again restarted publishing matka numbers daily on its pages. This trend has begun in the vernacular papers after about 7/8 years.
Can’t these guys be penalised for publishing this?
GUJ could at least condemn such a trend? What credibility does it leave your newspaper/journos with? Even if you tuck it in the inside pages, it is such vulgar slur on the profession…
A reader mailed us this scanned image of Tarun Bharat’s August 4 edition.
And guess what guys… what the matka industry has failed to do in decades of its existence, we mediamen manage to do so easily… get the numbers wrong… haha (check the scanned image)
And guess what guys… Herald has had this poll on its internet edition for about a month or more now.
The poll question is ‘Should madka gambling be legalised in the state?’
Wanna see the results…

For over 1507 votes polled, 465 voters feel that this form of gambling should be legalised as it would generate more revenue to the government. Another 317 voters also say that matka should be legalised as it would then ‘cease to be a flourishing illegal activity’.

That’s an astounding 52 per cent vote for legalising matka in the state.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey penpricks what is the difference between illegal & legal.... in Goa ?

Journos expecting and relishing CCOC (Chilly chicken & officers choice) as described in the link below

Journos getting coma as in the story link below

Robin Abreu stealing stories (1 of 6 links below).

Almost all your entries describe illegalities (mainly in journalism).

Let's go beyond journos. You squat on land for a long time, get then electors' cards. You get to own it after sometime. Let's start with the big fish. The CM. Three decades ago there were 0 slums in Goa. A few guys settled on Monte Hill Margao; then more migrated; they got voter's cards. They had no water. So a special overhead water reservoir costing crores was set up for them. Electricity was given. Police are reluctant to venture to this area even if sniffer dogs lead them there. Multiply this across Goa.

Take the so called Curchorem Riots. The structure at the heart of the matter along with the rest were all illegal because they were on Government land. No consideration was paid to the Government.

Take even the simple informal salaried jobs. The vast majority are cheated of their last months wages should they decide to leave.

Doctors do it too. For this story read the Herald dated August 16, 2007. Turn to page 4. Read article "Ethical values diminishing in medical fraternity:medico" It is all true. When some persons look at another they see a face. Others see a pot of gold!

What about lawyers? Do you want to see first hand the people of Goa losing Rs. 25,000 to 30,000 per day over nothing? Visit the Directorate of Panchayats. It's on the 3rd Lift, 3rd floor, Junta House, Panaji.
Be present at 3.00 pm. It's open to public. Watch how lawyers claim Rs. 500 just to attend or even take an adjournment. 25 to 30 cases are heard per day. Lawyers charge upwards of Rs. 500. Even if the officer is absent/transferred.(In case you know a lawyer that charges less do comment)

Whilst in the case of being sick or someone encroaches or squats on your property you have no choice!!!
No one forces you to bet.

Matka? matka? matka?!!!!

Matka surely drives some families to financial ruin.
So what ??

17 August 2007 at 10:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are several guys from Herald Placing Matka bets, so what is the big deal about Matka or whats the difference from a rich man gambling at a casino or a poor man playing Matka? pen pricks please answer me.

20 August 2007 at 23:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You will not be surprised to see other newspapers as well the Herald carrying Matka numbers in the future.. no big deal abou it.

20 August 2007 at 23:31  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

We dont run an agony column anon 2... We don't 'give' answers... keep your eyes open... somewhere along, you'll find it

21 August 2007 at 01:10  

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