Saturday, 11 August 2007


Mauvin Godinho has a mole in the Herald.
A mole, who seems to be thriving on scraps of meat thrown by the Cortalim MLA. How else can you explain the spate of Godinho related ‘press notes’ and propaganda being published day in, day out?

Now guys you can check the August 8 issue and turn to page 4. Deputy speaker Mauvin’s picture features twice. In one he stares straight at you and in the other he smiles at folks while he is seen distributing what appears to be a sari to one of his constituents. The former picture where he looks like a mean rosogulla, is accompanied by a story which is a plug filed by the Cortalim correspondent Alvarro Colaco.
Colaco gives us the distinct impression of mastery in switching allegiances between former Cortalim MLA Mathany Saldanah and Godinho depending on which way the pendulum of power swings.
Someone needs to rein in this guy.
Check out some excerpts from this report filed by the Cortalim correspondent.

...‘Godinho was speaking at the Sancoale panchayat as part of his traditional post birthday celebrations, where he visits all panchayats in the constituency.’...

...‘The deputy speaker wondered how it would be possible to accommodate the minister’s brother in the cabinet.‘Despite being a senior member, I had offered the deputy speaker’s post to St Cruz MLA Victoria Fernandes,’ said Godinho...

The report goes on to narrate how the former power minister went about inaugurating a string of transformers all over his constituency.
Has the Herald desk completely given up on page 4? Over the next few days we will try and take you around the shit hole, the page has become. Unsubbed pressnotes and a range of plugs…
Hey we almost forgot this… The reason why we keep saying that someone in the Herald has picked up some silver in this case, is the space that’s being generated for Congress (Mauvin and Luizinho in particular) fixit Milan Burman… The height was this picture (check above), which was published in the Herald. Once again a Double Column pic of Mauvin being greeted by Milan Burman’s kids Rajiv and Priyanka.
Sure Milan has a link with the chief compositor Caitan, but would that be enough? What are the subs doing? What are Joel and Sergio doing? Why cant they spot this shit? Why are they endorsing it?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is nothing new... Mauvin's closeness with the media friends through his cronie milan burman is a well known fact in the goan media. But for us, we tend to be choosy even while criticising people. Everyone knows how Gomantak times chief reporter (who was then gomantak times reporter) Vithaldas Hegde used to hitch a lift from Burman till Margao. Subsequently, the press notes were seen on gomantak times too. It was during Mauvin's tenure as a power minister.
So, what herald is doing is nothing new. It has been happening since the time penpricks was not born.
No one wrote about it then. Now the things are being spoken about. There are moles everywhere... Just open your eyes and see...

12 August 2007 at 17:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are various moles who make holes in the newspaper pages.

When guy's at the top do not follow professional ethics, how can you expect a sub or a desk guy to be honest.

Chuck the bombay duck is a correct line of action.

Get rid of the Rob-bins, Jewel in the crown sorry Joel etc.

13 August 2007 at 11:28  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

Anon 1: You make a lot of sense. Keep writing man...
Anon 2: Ditto

13 August 2007 at 12:35  

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