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A reader writes in... Penpricks thinks, it makes quite a bit of sense, except for the part where it describes Arun Sinha as a 'poor man' and hints that the molestation case against him is a 'storm in a teacup'. Oh... also the reference to some journos as living legends...

Guys this is Serious!
Although we can’t really generalize it, but one will agree with me that most of the journalists are corrupt and fall to the temptation of pelf and power. Some of them also graduate into politicians. (Remember how former chief reporter in Herald, Julio D’Silva twice unsuccessfully contested as BJP candidate and the senior journalist at Nava Prabha, Gurudas Gawas as MGP candidate?)

Journalists, particularly the Editors take high moral ground and will go to any extent to preach and find fault in the society. They will immaculately point out the speck in the other person’s eyes, ignoring the dirt and grime amongst their own tribe.
But then came Penpricks like an ophthalmologist to serve their own brethren. Penpricks has been really an eye-opener. To clobber the bad guys in the media, who have been besmirching the name and reputation of the Fourth Estate.There has been too much of Herald and Rob-in on Penpricks, though. It’s disgusting to say the least to read about Rob-in, who is been reveling in the muck, indulging in all the unethical things that a journalist can do. He is unscrupulous, and worse of all shameless. I have been reading items by different writers about Robbin(g). Time has really come for you guys to do something. Enough of this Rob-in Mania, it has gripped the media like the World Cup Fever. (Thank God Choppy is not busy with a special supplement for Rob-in Mania.) I tend to sympathize with the earlier writer. How come plagiarists are being rewarded on disciplined committees like the Press Accreditation Committee and the Advisory Council of the State Government, though the baldy suits better with characters like Uday Bhembre (Congress literature awardee), Pallavi S. Dempo (Press Savvy Mrs. Industrialist), pot-bellied Vishnu Wagh (self proclaimed godman and another Congress literarists), political circus master of the 90’s Tomazinho Cardozo, Raju Naik (--edited--), Menino Peres (the fixer).
Instead of calling upon guys like Vijay, Agnel and Franky, what are senior journalists and pillars of the Goan media and living legends like Rico Noronha, Prakash Kamat, Derrick Almeida and Devika Sequeira doing. Do they have the guts and courage to call upon the Chief Secretary and do something about this baldy plagiarist, who is bringing bad name to the entire Goan media fraternity?
What at all has happened to the Editor’s Guild? Look’s like it is defunct. Master’s like Arun Sinha deserves accolades for his Editorial on ‘Taxi Press’. But poor man is caught up in a storm in his own teacup. Meanwhile, the Taxi Press `hero’ was busy setting up committees to celebrate his own birthday to gift himself goodies from Santa Claus, drawn from different parts of Goa. It is understood that he was gifted a sum of Rs. 60 lakhs (32 lakh flat, 25 lakh cheque and a lavish birthday dinner at Cidade).
I could understand if someone had gifted him Rs 10,000 as a birthday gift. Rs 60 lakhs? It’s bizarre, man. And for what, for just doing his job as a journalist? What earth shaking has the guy done, yar? It’s ridiculous and obscene to say the least. Surely he’s not the best example of upright, sincere and above the board journalist. (sentence edited)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Corruption in the other pillars of democracy starts at the very beginning. It is a kind of a welcome garland.

For instance in bureaucracy, the vast majority of applicants pay in cash or kind to a politician or a crony. This problem has become worse in the last decade and a half. Assuming that the reader's input is true, it appears that the rot has crept to this pillar too.

Unless you have been living on the moon, you wouldn't have come across this cancer. The only way to minimise it is to admit persons through a transparent system. This is the responsibility of individual media organisations. That's easier said than done!

Corruption in these 4 pillars is just a reflection of our society. People have to feel repulsed by it. And when that breaking point reaches, people will revolt. Revolution alone will bring about the beginning of the end.

9 August 2007 at 11:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Penpricks ..this contributor has used some cryptic terms.

1.Please explain who/what is 'Choppy'

2. What is 'Taxi Press'. Does 'Hero' refer to Arun Sinha or does it refer to a person/organisation that Mr. Sinha had written about in the article?

There were no links provided to enable a reader to get an insight/background to the post.

Please give some...

9 August 2007 at 19:11  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

Anon 2:
-- Choppy, referred to by the anonymous contributor is a nickname for Francis Ribiero, who's the chief sports editor of the herald... Trust us, if they had a senior chief sports editor, he'd be it too... hehe
-- Check this link for taxi press
-- Tell us if u need more, if we can we'd be glad to help

11 August 2007 at 12:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who's the 'Hero'?.
Who's the guy receiving this cash?
The link you provided is just Mr. Sinha going blah... blah...(yawn.. Zzz...zzz)..blah

13 August 2007 at 11:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't know the jurno who allegedly received Rs.60 lakhs. But this link
read with the story seems to point to Mr. Rajan Narayan !

Further, if you read the link
one's suspicion only increases!

13 August 2007 at 12:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good piece man...

But I wouldn't expect Prakash Kamat to be above board.

He was once upon a time the blue eyed boy of the technocrat IT politician.... CM Mr. MP.

14 August 2007 at 10:25  

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