Wednesday, 1 August 2007


(Note sent in by a reader -- Penpricks)

If you publish a newspaper in this country, you need to register it with Registrar of Newspapers, so why is Television different.
When someone asked Chief Secretary J. P. Singh "how does he allow these seedy (Oops! CD) Channels to operate, even he did not have an answer (And we thought he is from IAS...I Am Sorry he did not know?). Telegraph Act & a couple of law state - to uplink or downlink any television or radio waves to or from Indian / Goan Soil.
You need to have a license from Union Ministry of Information & Broadcasting and a security/background check from Union Ministry for Home Affairs. So what does that make Goa Newsline, Prudent, Goa 365, Goa Plus, InGoa & HCN...ILLEGAL.
That makes even the Cable Operators' showing them - illegal. Agreed that Goa is special & different but that is no license to break or flay common law.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Goa News and HCN are channels that use up link/downlink; In simple terms they use satellites.

Goa Newsline, Prudent, Goa 365, Goa Plus etc. burn a DVD and distribute it to the main cable operator.

What's illegal about those that do not use satellites ?

2 August 2007 at 00:07  

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