Tuesday, 7 August 2007


Hey guys, check this blog out... Remember our Sonali Maria entry some weeks back? The story published in the Herald had been lifted from the Hindu and was written by Hemangini Gupta. Guess Hemangini went through our blog and figured this out...
This is her entry on her blog. The poor girl is embarassed by what our heroes in the Herald have done...

Hemangini's entry
I'm confused and amused to discover that I have been plagiarised by a fictitious writer. It's one of those fashion stories that I hid under the bed after writing, and it's been swiped by a Goan newspaper. If I'd read all those press laws they made me study, I might have done something about this, but... well, I didn't.Posted by Mangs at 5:52 AM (http://www.hemanginigupta.blogspot.com/ )


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Hemangini !
It's never too late to read the press laws. Read them and sue this editor.
Let the public know the identity of Sonali Maria & in particular who was the beneficiary of the payment made.
You have an excellent case!

8 August 2007 at 23:32  

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