Monday, 6 August 2007


Hi guys... one of our reader writes...

Time and again Penpricks has highlighted the mis-doings by Herald Editor Robin Abreu.
Besides being an avid reader of Herald and I am presently hooked on to your revealing blog. After going through a lot of stories there seems to be a lot of truth coming out and no end to Rob-in.
Great Job Done.
The Herald never seems to be correcting itself. After the repeat performance of the Rank and Bolt Awards item, it has now started repeating the photographs and that too on the same day on 2 different pages.
The business photo was repeated on the technology page, on Wednesday August 1, and again the photo on Scuba diver from Australia was repeated on Saturday August 4. This time care was taken to print the photo in Colour on one page and Black and white on another page to confuse the reader.
Those subs in Herald must be real duds. They really need a spanking on their rear and we suppose Robin can do it with his bald head. But poor man Rob-in himself is caught up in a tricky situation. It's a situation where the pot will have to call the kettle black. One look at his editorial and you will come to know what I mean.
I dont understand why good journalist like Vijay, Agnel, Franky etc. are still clinging to Herald under a pathetic leadership of Rob-in. Guys like Ashley and Roger deserves kudos for quitting and joining more credible newspapers.
The worst crime a journalist can commit is to claim somebody's work as his own and deprive the creator his due credit.
Can't the lame duck GUJ do anything about it and put the robber in his place.
On the contrary the government of Goa has glorified Robin by appointing him on the Information Department Publicity Committee, thanks to spineless Chief Minister Digambar Kamat, who has been given umpteen times of publicity in the Herald.
Probably the Congress party will confer Knighthood on Rob-in very soon, maybe IFFI 2007. That will be the ultimate. EXCSTACY.


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