Wednesday, 1 August 2007


(One of our readers sent in this... Penpricks)

I am a regular reader and subscriber of Herald Daily. For the last fortnight i have been
regular bombarded with the Herald Rank and Bolt Award. Its ok for a newspaper to associate with a cause. But why has the Editor has to bore the reader with the news item again and

There can be two reasons for this : One there may be no takers for the award and
second obviously there may be no interesting matter to fill up the page. Probably the
internet connection must be on a blink in the Herald and that is why the bald Editor must
be not be able to download items to fill up the page.
The item refers to awards being offered at the District and State levels for teachers and
students. My humble suggestion is to send Robin Abreu for a crash course on ethics in
writing editorials. This will help in saving time and energy and give more credibility to
the newspaper.
If he still cannot manage to polish his editorials and continues to plagiarise, probably it
would be better if he outsources his editorials.
The last suggestion I could suggest is that he could either be posted to Philipinies to manage Herald Publications growing new business ventures to market cane furniture.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Inspite of Penpricks pricking the Rob-ins the Rank and Dolt or rather Jolt Awards has not stopped yet.

Every day a single column item of Herald Rank and Jolt Awards is printed.

Is it a publicity for Miss Carma Monteiro (sentence edited)...

15 August 2007 at 21:46  

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