Monday, 13 August 2007

Comment from a reader...

I can back the statement of Mr. Ashwin Tombat.
There really does exist a Leslie St.Anne. Try it out ... visit, type in leslie press 'Enter'. The result Leslie St.Anne. C/o. 'Chateau Zito' House No. 823,. Bairo Primeiro, Assolna, Salcete , Goa - 403 701. Ph . : 2773284, 2775101, Mob. : 9822140001
I have with me a fortnightly (Vol III, Issue 17, July, 2007 (Second)) called UTS' VOICE ( Turn to page 9,10 & 15. This St.Anne gives you 3 pages of unadultrated N.D. Agarwal.
Yes the same Agarwal (Digamber's man for Margao Municipal Council), was rejected by the councillors for his history and style of functioning.
Here is Leslie's description of Agarwal in italics.. with dogged determination and a sincerity of purpose ... Does 'sincerity of purpose' refer to Kickbacks?
He goes on There is a 'beacon of hope' for our 'Children of a lesser God' in the likes of women like Mrs. Vijyadevi Rane... Are these quotes of Mr. Agarwal. What do I say, just praise the mom/wife and the Minister/Speaker gives you plum postings eh?
Don't miss the pics of Agarwal. All this in the guise of helping the disabled. That one reality; but the reality behind the reality is that of kickbacks. I wonder what Leslie got ?


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