Tuesday, 25 September 2007


Hi... a reader sent us this mistake... It's a real funny error.
All of us journos seek to carve out a piece of history... some make obvious efforts, for some the need is on a more sub conscious level... But the deskies at The Navhind Times seem to have taken it upon themselves, to make a niche for themselves in the other social science... Geography...
September 23 will go into the records as the day when a newspaper desk under the leadership of dear-devil editor Arun Sinha carved out a nation called 'Paraguency'...
Check out the bold word in the excerpts...

CM expresses concern over negligence of farmers NT News Desk
Panaji, Sept 23 India is an agrarian country, recognised by the world but we are not self reliant in the agricultural production, said the Chief Minister, Mr Digambar Kamat.

Mr Guillermo Alcarac, Director General of Investments and Export, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, government of Paraguency, expressed the need to strengthen cultural and commercial relationship.


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