Monday, 3 December 2007


Guys hi, Gomantak Times editor Derek Almeida stopped by on the other side of the road today and shouted across to us 'anonymous pimps lounging in the dark alley', telling us that he had written to the Sakal Group's Editorial Director about the plagiarised editorial and has promised action following our story.
These are his words.

Dear No Name No Face,
The link of your blog has been sent to Director (Editorial) of Sakal Group in Pune. I am deeply embarrassed by what has happened and promise that something will be done about it.

We must say that it was a very mature response by Derek and that we appreciate it. We only hope some responsibility is fixed and the guy who was responsible for plagiarising the editorial is penalised for his action.
We've also received a lot of mail guys in response to this story guys. A good lot of criticism and appraisal which we really love and we've put it up here. But perhaps the craziest allegation that came in yet is one that claims that the blog is run by Derek himself and his two deputies Ashley Rosario and Paul Fernandes, cause the newspaper they work for has been criticised the least... or so it seems.. And you should see the f....s, b.....s, very innovatively used c....s and imaginative adaptations of m.....s peppered with these conspiracy theories. We allowed ourselves a bit of fun at their cost.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could you guys focus a little on the electronic media in Goa?

A Fatorda (Lake View Plaza) based, major cable operator has stopped carrying all the local news channels with the exception of Goa News.

I suspect that this Delhi based (G.N.) entrepreneur is using unethical methods to wipe out his competition. BTW all his english news readers need a refresher course in basic pronounciation.

4 December 2007 at 18:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Derek,

Politicians make promises that they don't keep. So I am kinda used to it.

I hope that your promise has some kind of a timeframe, by which time you deliver or you acknowledge failure.
Biting the hand that feeds you, might not be a good idea. Agnelo Pereira, Rajan Narayan have probably found that out and it's the only reason why this blog remains anonymous.

My best wishes are with you. May I suggest that you don't do it alone. A bunch of sticks are harder to snap than a solitary one. Isn't it?

4 December 2007 at 18:51  

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