Friday, 9 November 2007


I am really worried about our 'boys' in Herald. Have they really become such despos and wretchedly penniless loonies so as to sell their stinking souls to Burman for a cone of icecream.
I am cringing in shame mingled with sorrow over the fact that the Herald boys fell for a cone icecream. Atleast you could have demanded a Faluda na. Or a litre of Baskin Robbin each to devour while doing the pages and another two litres each to as takeaways.
Jeez, I still cant believe it that a cone did the trick when earlier Burman used to bring Old Monk and the likes to insert some news of politicos.
Burman must still be laughing that he got himself into the Herald pages with just a few icecreams.
This is the pits herald boys. I think you guys need some help to get out the self dug pit and become men. you definitely need help to make you stand up for your right to demand from Burman that this will not do. That the icecream is just not enough. To tell Burman on his face that he cannot get away with such daylight crimes.
If you are really men, tell Burman that it is payback time, that you need watches, gold pens, mobile phones. The most daring among you can even demand laptops, but certainly ice with or without cream cannot be the price.
Come on boys, when will you grow up and become men. instead of licking the creamy top of the rounded cones, you could have demanded some bucks (atleast a couple of hundred thousand) to be distributed evenly among everyone as per their seniority. I hope you boys know that nowadays ATMS are open even in the night.
How low have you stooped down herald boys. If any of you had the balls, then you could have told him to FO from the place and bring the works if he wanted his picture in the papers.
Did Burman mesmerise you or did Burman promise you that more is to come and that the icecream is just a taste of things to come. Did he tell you boys to just taste the tip and the real booty is down there.
MAYBE, we can have each of the Herald boys to tell us their experience of eating burman's icecream. How did they lick the cone? Hard or slow. Did they swallow it whole and hard or waited for it to become soft and slippery. Was it rough or smooth? How was the taste. Did they slurp on it or eat it just like normal.
Yikes. just thinking of it makes me feel nauseated.
But hats off to Burman for putting the 'topi' on herald boys. I almost hear the gurglish laughter of Burman ringing in my ears. Only a Burman can do this? And he still gets away with it.
Shame shame, puppy shame to herald boys???!!!
I am still worried that Heralders dont know how to hold their pants up.
Is there any honour among thieves?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel Robin is a better bargain. He has shown his skills during the Harry Mann CASH FOR EDITORIALS scam. 3 lakhs per Editorial.

Perhaps Robin may not have trained his boys properly.

Business is not a cup of tea for Herald Boys.

One should only wet their throats with a peg or a coke.

Well done Herald boys. Learn to grow up like men, instead of being small kids chewing toffees.

9 November 2007 at 20:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These penpricks guys seem to have drastically brought down the asking rate for editorials by Robin.

Let me illustrate. On Saturday Nov 10,2007, Robin carries an editorial titled 'Protect them' a plug about the Goa state Commission for Children (GSCC). As if it were a miracle, an article written by Shanti Fonseca appears on page A8 of Gomantak Times, on the same day!

Robin's article is all about judging the book by the cover, while Shanti's article gives you the facts which GSCC & Robin don't tell you.

And what did the GSCC do, to get this royal treatment? All they did was hold a press conference (on Nov 1) and offer some readymade material, loads of trash talk and oh yes something to eat. Look at what they get in return. Front page coverage in the media, culminating with an edit by Robin!

11 November 2007 at 23:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

(This title is inspired by this post's title)

Take a look at yesterday's GT WEEKENDER, all the winners of "Mrs. Gomantak 2007" appear to be Goan Hindu Saraswat Brahmins!

Wonder who were the judges ?

12 November 2007 at 15:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding comment 2;

Watch out for Nov 14 (Children's day). I have a gut feeling that these guys will carry some more self promoting material.

Let's wait n see (2 days to go).

12 November 2007 at 17:15  

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