Friday, 9 November 2007


For those of you who do not know Milan Burman and why he hangs around in the Herald here are a few tips: Burman is the podgy, quintessential p... cum shoeshine boy of the Congress party who has a quid pro quo arrangement with the Herald and with a senior editor S... In a day of hurried political developments that favour the Congress, Burman is the much-sought advertiser in the Herald. The day's edition is delayed until his excellency stamps his approval on a Congress ad.His patronising of the Herald with ads ensures that his biased press releases are carried without question. The icecreams are just an icing on the cake to celebrate the sealing of his deal. The icecream treat is preceded by negotiations that secretly take place between him and Sergio or between him and Robin.Burman simply knows which palms to grease. And S..... is ever willing to oblige him in any which way he can. Simply because, Burman was instrumental in goading Luizinho Faleiro to provide a top slot for S.....'s wife in a government backed educational institute. In gratitude Sergio would encourage publication of any printed filth that spewed from Luzinho's office when the latter was education minister.The arrangement surreptitiously continues to this day. All S.... needs to do is play the part of a rat whose just nibbled the cheese, which he does to perfection. But the rat does not know that there's a fly up in the wall.
Here's a course correction:Melvyn didn't have the icecream I am told because he apparently proceeded on leave. Despite his saintly demeanour, Melyvn, just like the rest of the Herald pack, would succumb to Burman's cooling charms.So pricks please verify your facts before going off tangent and portraying anyone as an exception to a circumstance. Unlike in your screen, its not always what you see is what you get in journalism.


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