Monday, 5 November 2007


This is the story filed by Herald’s Ponda correspondent on October 31 on the one and perhaps the only highpoint of this bye-poll. Considering the nature of the story, it was significantly played up by the newspaper. The fifth word in the first line of this story happens to be Kundaim.
The story -- as you may have figured out by now -- is about the historic poll boycott by the villagers of Kundaim.
As you read further, the fifth paragraph tells you why the villagers boycotted it. The correspondent in his report states that the village had decided to abstain from the poll following the government’s apathy and discrimination after the villagers clashed with disciples of PP Brahmeshanand at the Tapobhumi. This was published by the Herald in its November 1 edition.
It’s all fine up to this point.
Then a couple of days later, the editor Robin Abreu punches in an editorial that only reindorses his newspaper’s emerging prowess as the collector's edition of the 'Printer’s Devil Work Manual'.
How can anyone get this wrong? How can you get the name of this village wrong? Not only does the dumbo get the village wrong, he also gets the issue (over which folks boycotted the polls), wrong. Doesn't he read his own newspaper?
And then he went about plagiarising stuff on the Keri issue from an article by Gary (not to be confused with the spaghetti-haired Gary reporting for Gomantak Times from Margao) Cohen and Satinath Sarangi from this site.

How can a newspaper get things so many things wrong at one time?
We can still understand a small error when it comes to reportage or spelling goof ups on the desk.
But this?

Perhaps we should relent our vigilance a bit and let Robin plagiarise a bit, what say… At least then the readers would at least get correct facts to read… Just joking guys… Small chance of us easing up on this front… Stop mopping your brow, Robin… we’re watching you man… We’re watching…


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Pricks,

You guys have made a correct assesment of Robin Abreu.The bald bloke does not read his own rot.Even if he does,he registers very little of its content.All that he does in his tinted-glass cabin is ensure that press releases of publicity-crazy bureaucrats and advertisers are accomodated. This is besides his delusional activity of flogging Herald's dead horse, the HCN channel. Perhaps, Robin could even be suffering from dyslexia. No wonder Keri to him is so synonymous with Kundaim.

6 November 2007 at 00:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Prickos
You guys have given him publicity on your blog too by carrying his photograph....I think you pricks have had the taste of his "Ice Cream."

8 November 2007 at 12:51  

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