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Hey guys, here’s one guy who we think writes really well…Valmiki Faleiro.
We found a small note by him on the goajourno mailing list. And it’s the info on Sarvesh Timblo (its not Timble’s as we had written in our earlier post) we had solicited from our readers.

Too bad for us, that this guy gave up journalism for building blocks…

Did the kick prick or pain?
Whatever NT's circulation figures today (btw, does anyone really know the printrun of Goa's dailies?), when I wrote for The Navhind Times in the 1970s, guys like KP Nair and Balan joked that half of NT's print order was despatched to the Dempo-Souza mines all over Goa...
They are not *T(h)imbles,* Penpricks, they are our own homegrown Timblos, originally from Assolna (variously pronounced as Asshole-na), the same Salcete village that GT Editor, Derek Almeida, hails from -- and that's where the connexion ends, if I must hasten to add.
The Timblo brothers, Pandurang, Gurudas and Modu, catapulted from street hawking cloth in Assolna, to mining, thanks to the youngest, Modubab, who gained more than mere knowledge while studying for a Commerce degree in Bombay. Modubab was the family's catalyst.
Sarvesh is grandson of Gurudas Timblo, easily the best loved of the three Timblo brothers, who I had, to my loss, no opportunity to meet or interact. Those who were privileged to, even from Hindu social strata not particularly enamoured by Goan Saraswats, of whom I am a *bhatil'lo* descendant, swear Gurudasbab was a jewel of a human being.
So was Sarvesh's father, Satish Timblo. When one interacted with him, it was hard to believe he hailed from a mining family -- no inhibitions, no pretensions, no *I-am-wealthier-than-thou* airs so common among today's neo rich. (Satishbab's brother, Prakash's daughter, incidentally, is wife of Goa's current Health Minister, the junior Rane.)
Sarvesh, thus, is Gurudas Timblo's grandson by Satishbab; and Pallavi is Gurudasbab's brother, Pandurang's grand-daughter, by Chalebab's (that's how Margao knew Pandurang Timblo) only surviving -- of three -- sons, Pramod. For a minor detail on how Pallavi came to marry the scion of the Dempo clan, please read my piece on the WC Times, in Fred's compilation titled, Voices from Goa's Press.
That's how Sarvesh and Pallavi are second cousins.
Timblos were businessmen, and businessmen don't work for charity but for profit. By and by, like the Salgaocars, they were better of the human beings in that tribe of mineowners. Amen.

Oops, mea culpa! I stand corrected, Sarvesh is not the son of Satish Timblo, as I mistakenly thought, but is, as I have now
confirmed, the son of Pramod Timblo and grandson of Pandurang Timblo.
Sarvesh, thus, is not Pallavi's second cousin, but her brother,or brother-in-law of Srinivas Dempo.
Sorry for the wrong info earlier.


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