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Hi guys, we had requested yesterday's writer to send us more dope on the Vaman Naik story. The writer who we hadn't identified yesterday is Augusto, who has also been closely associated with the case. He gives us the story which a section of the media led by The Navhind Times would not give us. And Augusto, thanks for this bit... But we didn't get the blue film sequence bit...


Thanks for posting my comments. Here are some more.
The role of the management in this affair has been very very fishy, and I'd have called them sinister and vile, and used other such badwords, if not for the fact that they are so stupidly incompetent. After Vaman took the step of sacking not only the victim but also two other women lecturers (all NET qualified; all having been cleared by university interview panels), the staff tried to plead with him to reverse his decisions - good experienced teachers aren't that easy to find. He refused to see reason. Then in March they went to Pallavi Dempo, Trustee of Dempo Charities Trust, but widely regarded as the de facto controller of the Trust, and explained what was going on, and particularly pointed out that the sackings were a fallout of his not being able to get his way with the victim. She, after being apparently convinced of the genuineness of the case, directed them to make a representation to the Chairman Srinivas Dempo. This they did and on 5 April, he met the victim and in the presence of another woman lecturer, promised to give justice to the victims, but requested them to keep the matter under wraps. Now came a long wait, and as no action was forthcoming, a series of meetings occured through May with the staff representatives and the management.All they got was evasions, threats and delaying tactic. One would have thought that after the Sinha affair, these people would have goyt wiser, but no, history repeats itself. Finally in June the staff decided to go public on the issue, and the Dempos were made to slowly backtrack under pressure from students, teachers organisations and the general public. Still they continued with their senseless games. Vaman is till today not suspended; he's on leave enjoying his full salary at the cost of the public exchequer (not the Dempos BTW) and continues to play his vile game of trying to besmirch the reputation of the victim. The victim who's not that well off delivered a baby girl recently and has to fend for herself having to undergo the stress of facing inquiries and uncertain about the future. I wonder if the Dempo egos will permit her to rejoin. There's another thing- the Supreme Court has very clearly stated that in cases of sexual harassment only a Vishaka committee should inquire into the matter.(This committee should be of at least 3 persons, headed by a woman, should have at least half the members as women; and should have an NGO representative who has expertise in dealig with the law on sexualharassment on it) Yet the management went and appointed a one-man committee to inquire into the matter (one-man, mind you, not even one-woman!)- and with procedures that would cause even more harassment to the victim. The staff has protested against this but as we all know, millionaires are above petty things such as the law, the Supreme Court, the Constitution. Who knows, maybe they can even buy off God. Would you like me to narrate some blue film sequences?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Goan observer had printed this story a few weeks ago.
Navhind Times? What is their readership anyway. Who cares for Navhind except for those who like to hear Govt. news

1 November 2007 at 10:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking at the pictures that you guys have displayed herein.

Vaman Naik is standing next to Pallavi Dempo.

Dear Mrs. Pallavi can you say something on Mr. Vaman Naik or can you do something about Vaman Naik.

2 November 2007 at 16:31  

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