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Guys, like we said earlier. Here's your chief minister's pic published in The Navhind Times again yesterday. This time round he was the chief guest at a musical programme organised by Navprabha. But this is a new trend in the Navhind Group. Sure, they'd publish Digu's DI pictures, but you rarely found Srinivas and Pallavi Dempo lusting for these photo opportunities. But this sure is one binge Pallavi especially seems to be relishing...
Here's a story bully brother TNT carried about it's lil sis Navprabha about one of the latter's music inspired do.

Newspapers should undertake various projects of social, cultural value
NT Staff Reporter
Panaji, Oct 19 The Chief Minister, Mr Digambar Kamat today said that the newspapers, apart from carrying out the task of disseminating news and information to public, should also undertake various projects of social and cultural value. (Perhaps, the media is doing everything except do what it supposed to... churn out quality news. organise singing competitions, sponsor orchestras, ramp shows, event management. Guess newspapers are legitimately doing every shady thing one can, including pimping. What's there to complain about Digu bab? Maybe you could fit this in your cultural policy too)
Mr Kamat, who earlier inaugurated the programme ‘Juney Sur Pan Noor Nava’ in a unique way by playing some musical notes on the harmonium, at the Black Box, Kala Academy Complex, (hey Digu, you got real job to do. Do that first lad, then let's play music. Fine tune your government first buddy) further said that the Marathi daily ‘Navprabha’ should be lauded for organising the event. “More and more newspapers should come forward with such unique concepts,” he added. (Concepts like what? Selling editorials? Does Digu know where to go guys? What other unique propositions hmmm can you think of any?)
‘Juney Sur Pan Noor Nava’ is a musical presentation of parody on popular Marathi songs, earlier serialised by Laxman Pitre on the Sunday edition of ‘Navprabha’ - ‘Prabhaval’, organised in association with the Kala Academy.
Speaking further, Mr Kamat said that the musical presentation fits in the concept of programmes promoted by the department of art and culture.
The executive director of the Navhind Papers, Ms Pallavi Dempo, in her address said that ‘Navprabha’ has undertaken the programme as something, which is far different from the field of journalism, and the Navhind Papers would support such programmes, every year, if ‘Juney Sur Pan Noor Nava’ turns out to be successful. (Thank you Ms Dempo. You fascinate us with your wisdom. You could have turned around and consulted your publisher Vilas Sardesai about this dance and music bit. Oh... does he know about 'dance' and music! Oh does he... Wonder how many Savoi Verem homes played host to him for these 'dance' and music soirees)
The parody on popular Marathi songs has been done by taking into consideration modern context, and without disturbing the form of the original songs, she observed. (Modern context... You expect guys who bring out the Navprabha to preach folk about modern context? Take look at the paper and tell us will you...)
The editor of ‘Navprabha’, Mr Suresh Walve, in his welcome address recalled that ‘Navprabha’, a decade ago, had organised a 2-day musical festival. “The paper would also try to give something valuable to the public, in the future,” Mr Walve pointed out. (Right, when is the next one coming up Mr Walve, a decade later? Say what how bout 2018? Looks a near enough date? And about giving readers 'something' valuable? How bout giving us giving us some quality news and a slightly better newspaper)
The publisher of the Navhind Papers, Mr Vilas Sardesai and the member secretary of Kala Academy, Dr Pandurang Phaldesai were also present on the dais.
Among those who attended the programme were director of information and publicity, Mr Menino Peres, editor of ‘The Navhind Times’, Mr Arun Sinha, Ms Neeladevi V Dempo, and noted poet and playwright, Mr Vishnu Wagh. (Sinha babu...this tail was here to do the wagging routine too? Pallavi's sure moving around with lots of bouncers around guys... First the beefy bhat Suresh Walve and now this Bihari hunk Sinha... not bad at all and then they have to giant frame of Sardesai to duck behind if they want to... And of course Vishnu Wagh's buller-proof belly)
Singers Shridhar Garde, Ramanand Joshi, Balkrishna Marathe, Meghnad Devari and Geeta Shetty presented the musical programme.


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Hi Pricks, there is more. Did You see Digu actually has the fiery (smirk, smirk) Raju Nayak looking pleased on the NIO programme. Wonder why he spews venom 'bout Digu in private? But then if this isn't jounalism Goan ishtyle?

22 October 2007 at 18:29  

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