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Hi guys, we are really thankful to one of our readers who suggested that we run a post on this Tajikistan bit.

Could penpricks do a story of the 'Training for trainers' programme for journos of Tajikistan?
After reading 'Stray Thoughts' by Rajan Narayan, it appears that this programme is a sham. Looks like journos deceiving other journos, kind of programme!

This post and the one we’ve put up before are dedicated to this anon who put in this request. It may not exactly have come out the way he/she could have wanted it to be, but hope he/she appreciates it.Moving on with the sequel to our earlier post, it just struck us, that we would need a mascot of some kind for our seminar. We hunted around a lot. And finally came up with this picture taken by Rajtilak Naik. This here is Pandurang Gaonkar chief reporter (or perhaps the seniormost reporter at the Sunaparant) who seems to be just about getting ready for a press conference. Don't mistake this for sleeping guys. He is actually conserving energy for some press briefing to follow. What more could we have wanted? This picture really puts the workshop in perspective. We have decided to slug the photograph as STATE OF THE AHHH!!! JOURNALISM.
Now we carry on with our list of delegates who we would be inviting for the workshop. We’ll try and make this list pretty exhaustive and fit it folks in newspaper wise so that we don’t miss out on folk. And we begin with our favourite newspaper, the good ole Herald.
Francis Ribiero ‘Choppy’ because he is the flat-footed Cinderalla who never comes to the ball. Because he is never late to work, because he is never around. Because he has blurred the lines motivation and motivated.
Sergio Almeida because his silence always lets his colleagues down. Because as news editor, he thinks the story of a drowning white cock makes for a great story idea. Because he cannot lead his men/women. Because his shadow has more nerve than he does. Because at least his shadow shows up.

Joel Afonso because as deputy news editor he knows he is higher than most on the ladder. Because the last time he worked really hard was when the advertising season dried up. Because when he talks only when he thinks he stands to gain. Because when he is silent he is sure to gain. Because he was once a good sub, who lost his gift to the 5X3 in the obituary column.
Melvyn Misquita because he is intelligent, hardworking and obedient. Because his well oiled hair parting can put an international border to shame. Because he is the good boy of the Herald. Because when he greets you, it’s as if you’ve known him for the last 20 years. Because only on rare occasions, does the façade drop.
Vijay De Souza because you rarely see his byline in the Herald. Because sometimes when you walk behind him, you think Lionel Ritchie is in town. Because he leads one of the weakest reporting teams the Herald has ever had. Because if something drastic doesn’t happen soon, he won’t need a scooter to head for work, a flying carpet should handle his weight.
Joseph Deva because he writes sentences that can potentially choke readers to death. Because he is a nice guy who uses grammer like wrench.
(Part III later)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Penpricks: 2 posts dedicated to me? I'm elated!
Thanks man :)

17 October 2007 at 18:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here are some more interesting delegates you could choose from:





Link one is my all time favourite!

18 October 2007 at 00:45  

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