Wednesday, 10 October 2007


We are shocked today.
Someone out there is tarnishing Herald editor Robin Abreu's image…
Have you read the Herald anniversary issue?
It has this small piece thanking its readers, well-wishers, advertisers and contributors for making the newspaper a success. The second sentence reads… “To those who wish to tarnish the image of the Editor with allegations, you will not succeed.”

Hey there whoever you are out there… don’t you dare tarnish whatever’s left of the editor’s reputation, will you?
For you shall not succeed.
For he shall not cede.
For the sheath swinging on the left of Robin's armour is home to the famed blade of Damascus steel, honed over the whetstone of plagiarism and smelted in the furnace of the Cash-For-Editorials scandal.
So, you unsung bastard, who seeks to tar this man of letters… beware.
Ok… enough melodrama. Back to work ;o)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey prick

You have hit the nail right on Robin's pate.
After reading this `eulogy'he'll surely scratch his head.

10 October 2007 at 22:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Robin should be scratching the end vertically opposite his glossy pate.There is nothing worth its salt ,either inside or outside on the top end anyway. Sorry, scratching won't help and varnish will make it look ridiculous.

11 October 2007 at 00:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Varnish is obsolete.

Teflon is in.

Tarnish resistant. Dirt resistant. Penpricks resistant.

In the case of Agnelo Pereira & Harry Mann, a repellent?

11 October 2007 at 01:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Instead of making vague statements, Robin, if he has guts and thinks he is honest, should take the Pricks and the other vigilant guys who have exposed him of Plagiarism, head-on.
Shame on You Abreu and Hearld.

BTW, Hearld claims it is 100 odd years old, is it really so, or this claim is fictitious too. Worth some digging pricks?

11 October 2007 at 01:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least Robin has some sauce!

Robin has hit out at his critics, (penpricks or others) and has done it in style, front page, prominent position for all the readers of Goa to see. And the best part is he has put his name to whatever little he has to say, unlike the pricks who are hiding behind annonymity.
Hats off to you Robin for hitting out openly at cowards hiding behind a shield.

PS: This does not mean I justify Robin's so-called wrong-doings (if they are proved true).

11 October 2007 at 10:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Herald bashing continues! Hey dudes you have a serious grudge on Herald. you guys want to see the downfall of Herald. It will take more than Penpricks to wipe out the popular newspaper of Goans.

11 October 2007 at 13:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on yaar, how can penpricks who's just completed six months bring down an institution of more than 100 years old??
BTW this claim of existence also is doubtful, so is its ABC circulation claim (which can be easily manipulated).
What pricks are doing is just exposing the wrong doings in the media. How come you people can see only herald bashing?? Off course more stuff of herald appears because there's more muck flowing there.
Compare all the three english dailies on any given day. There'll be more mistakes in Herald than the other two. And don't talk about the editorials in herald.
One word describes them. Pathetic.
stop sucking yaar!!

11 October 2007 at 19:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Robin looks almost p... (see the way he is looking at the poor kid!). Ever see the similarity between Herald and Congress Party...same degree of arrogance, same miles of tradition, same amount of taking people for granted and oh yes (my personal favourite!), same amount of churning out old wine in new bottle. In fact, Hearld is as pseudosecularist as Congress too and of course, both suffer from leadership crisis. Someone said about Goa's Popular Paper (uh, oh!) newspapers don't die...they can clean up their act and Penpricks is helping Herald do just that. Cool.
BTW, Guys how 'bout some dope on the Seedy (CD) Television Channels of Goa...They seem to be facing extinction as the Law seems to be catching up finally.
(comment edited)

12 October 2007 at 11:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is he handing over to the small kid.

Is it a thesis of one of his plagiarised editorials.

Poor kid, he only knows that Robin is a bird in Animal Planet.

But in media Robin means plagiarism

12 October 2007 at 13:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahoy guys\gals,

Noticed something? The chap who says that Robin has "some" sauce must have sucked quiet a bit of it and i am sure Robin must be quiet rundown by now.
The chappie further says that Robin has hit his critics in style.
At least before this pathetic front page `sympathy appeal', only the net savvy readers knew about robin's peccadilloes.
Now i suppose the whole world will know and will want to know, who the hell is sullying the robber's image and how.
The guy who has posted the comment has himself no guts to reveal his or her bloody name and calls penpricks a coward. How do you like that.
Have these people heard of "whistle-blower"???
I see these penpricks -- guys (gals?) doing just that and exposing the murky,corrupt and petrified world of goan media and the prostitute journalists mainfested by the media houses.
Isn't the plagirised stuff exposed by this blog good enough to nail robin? What more proofs does this rascal of a commentator need?
Come on man! Come on! Give the pricks some credit. The least they can do is to lift the skirt, its for you to decide whether to drive in or not. Or if you prefer to sit in ther balcao and just watch and bark, bark and bark or whine, whine and whine.
Hey pricks i got a suggestion. Stop publisihing such pro-robin comments. Robin must be himself writting such stuff and posting them. He is capable of doing that. He was initially doing that in the letter to editor column of Herald. Praising his own paper in letter written under some fictitious names.
How sad. What a disgrace to work under such a leader (read editor).
It would have been better if no reference was made about the so called "allegations".
And that too when there is enough black and white proof to drive the nail on his shinny pate.

-- An embarassed Herald staffer --

12 October 2007 at 17:30  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

Last anon: We won't block these friend... Let these guys be. Every rogue leaves some honest guard dogs at the gates. Poor dogs, they do an honest job of barking, or meat scraps don't come their way. This guy, dunno... probably gets his scraps by way of some letters or some articles that Robin allows to be published in the newspaper... So let these guys be... feels nice to be scratched sometimes...

12 October 2007 at 21:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After having caught his pants down, this Abreu guy has the cheek to vent sermons through his dirty mouth.
Has the journalism too denigrated to the level of politics in Goa?

If he has any sauce left, Abreau should resign and join *rehab* to learn the ethics of Journalism and honesty in life.
Clearly, from a neutral perspective, the guy needs a kick on his back side.

14 October 2007 at 23:31  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

And all this while we thought Herald was RObin's rehab ;)

15 October 2007 at 23:19  

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