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One of the sophisticated Shyam's of Margao...
Another from the gang of old fogeys who never run out of breath when praising folk in power.
A lesser poet than a writer, a lesser writer than a journalist, a lesser journalist than one of those, who -- in Gomantak Time's editor Derek Almeida's words -- frequent the dark allies...

Chandrakant praises chief minister Digu here in this The Navhind Times. Suits him well. He's from the same town, the same caste and the newspaper, it probably needs Chandrakant to cut a few more deals and push em through.
The article reproduced below is of such puerile and sycophantic nature, that we are disgusted to reproduce it here in a readable font size... the url is right here though, if you still wish to go through it.

Man who toiled hard to protect aam aadmi
by Chandrakant Keni

Mr Digambar Kamat’s elevation to the post of the Chief Minister of Goa came as a surprise to many of his friends and adversaries. There were ambitious and over-enthusiastic leaders in the fray; some of them experienced administrators while others were relatively raw. At no occasion the name of Mr Kamat was considered for the post. Nobody had any question about the quality and integrity of Mr Kamat’s administrative ability. He is relatively a cleaner and transparent person amid the gang of forty. That is why it appears that he was acceptable to rival groups and factions of the ruling front. No wonder, therefore, that his selection came as a pleasant surprise and indeed a great relief both to his adversaries and well-wishers.
Goa is passing through a critical phase. It has lost more than what has been assessed in the course of political instability that has been engulfing the state for a decade and more. The political turmoil has also threatened the survival of democracy because of gross violation of constitutional laws and moral values. It was an indication that Goa is marching slowly but surely towards anarchy and the superficially beautiful edifice will crumble. That is why the installation of Mr Kamat as the Chief Minister was like a ray of hope at the fag end of the long narrow channel.
He has been a man of masses. His concern for his electorate in particular and the people in general has always made him rush to those in distress.
Mr Kamat climbed the ladder of power step by step, consolidating his position and credibility at every step, until he became the Chief Minister after the elections in May 2007. The Congress had no difficulty in accepting him as a compromise candidate to avoid friction among diverse groups in the party and front partners. The party was looking for a leader who will be acceptable to all partners of the front. Evidently these small parties are extremists who use the name and authority of the Indian National Congress for their own personal gains. As such, they had apprehension of being pushed to the receiving end, if the rival faction gets an upper hand. Their sustained pressures and threats compelled the Congress High Command to select a non-controversial candidate whose administrative capability was undisputed. No other member in the ruling front could equal as Mr Kamat is unassuming, polite, friendly with all. But he will not compromise on basic principles. That is why in spite of political gimmicks by his adversaries, his government has survived three crucial acid tests.
Mr Kamat was born in a well-known family of businessmen of Margao. He is well- educated and well-mannered, a little shy initially, but very emphatic in expressing his views and will not hesitate to call a spade a spade. Right from his childhood, he aspired to do something for the toiling masses, hunger-stricken people on the streets and rushed to the help of ailing neighbours and people in distress. In other words, right at the initial stage of his public life, while he was still preoccupied with studies and activities connected with sports in late 80’s he was concerned about the plight of common man (aam admi) and that has been the secret of his success. It is not an easy path to follow. After he became MLA in 1994, new avenues opened to purse the goals of his vision with greater vigour in order to redress the grievances and sufferings and do away with injustice that was knowingly or unknowingly being perpetrated on innocent people.
Social service activities were undertaken by him in his capacity as an elected councilor of Margao Municipal Council (1984-90). He made significant contribution for providing social and economic infrastructure to the fast-growing town in view of the modest civic amenities provided by the erstwhile “Camara” were not adequate. He worked like a volunteer to assist the Municipal authorities in discharging their duties. He insisted upon cleanliness to be maintained at any cost and was not satisfied with the superficial beautification and attitude to put the garbage under carpet. Simultaneously he worked as member of the Southern Planning and Development Authority. He played an important role as the chairman of the Goa Agricultural Produce Market Committee by motivating the farmers to produce agricultural products. It was during his tenure that eight marketing yards were constructed. In appreciation of his work, the Government of India awarded golden shield to Goa.
His role as Power Minister has been similarly successful and has been lauded by all. While there was load-shedding in the power-producing state all over the country, Goa had surplus power, which was sold to the needy in other states, thereby generating sizeable income to the state. It is to be noted that until Mr Kamat took over as the power minister, Goa Electricity Department was incurring heavy losses and the power supply in domestic and industrial sectors was quite erratic. People of Goa will long remember the feat achieved by Mr Kamat. Goa now gets more power to satisfy its needs.
The social awakening and the process of cultural renaissance has begun as soon as the Art and Culture portfolio was taken over by the Chief Minister. Artist litterateurs and all those connected with the creative activity are being encouraged and liberal financial assistance is being provided to them so that their talent is promoted and they make a decent livelihood. These activities have brought in a new wave of resurgence and electrified the atmosphere.
A great lover of sports that he is, he believes that only a healthy body can ensure healthy mind. He has made his modest effort to translate his theory into action in his own modest way, even when he was not an MLA.
One of his strong points is that he is being loved and respected by citizens of Margao, irrespective of their caste, creed and political affiliations. For his friends and admirers, it is necessary that Digambar should represent them in the legislative assembly, any party may support or oppose him, they will vote for him individually and not concerned with his electoral symbol. They know that no party has retained its credibility and all parties survive because of the presence of individuals like Digambar respecting morality and purposeful dedication to their duties. He keeps a vigilant eye on everything that is happening in the constituencies and knows his voters individually and always helps them to resolve their individual or collective problems.
Mr Kamat represents his home town Margao in the Goa Legislative Assembly, since 1994. He might have contested his elections on some or the other party but he has always maintained direct rapport. He is attached to his constituency and friends so much that he keeps a vigilant eye on anything that is happening in and around his constituency. He knows the citizens of Margao individually and helps them to solve their individual or collective problems. Genuine cases go unheard because the people are not able to present them in right forum. That is why they require guidance. Mr Kamt does not solve their problems. All that he does it brings it to the notice of the concerned officer and ask them to see to it that an early decision is taken by removing the bottlenecks or red-tapism.
Goa is passing through a phase of political instability as a result of that, the common men have lost their faith in the government. The tug-of-war among those aspiring to be the Chief Minister has degenerated to such an extent that they do not hesitate to wash the dirty linen on street and openly pull one another’s legs, lest the adversaries overtake. The leaders engaged in the game of mud-slinging have not only soiled their hands and souls but also tarnished the fair image of Goa. Their game threatens the survival of democracy and the semblance of civilisation and culture that existed.
The Congress High Command rightly decided to entrust the responsibility of heading the Congress Legislature Party thereby holding the post of the Chief Minister so that the quarrelsome people are kept at bay. It was a difficult task to accommodate diverse members in the Cabinet and allot each of them a portfolio that he would accept. Many compromises had to be made. No other person would have been able to steer the governance through troubled waters. Mr Kamat was elected as the Chief Minister because of his ability and long experience. He has proved his mettle, which has already been acknowledged. So far he has been able to keep the flock together in spite of the sword of instability hanging over his head. It will be yeoman’s service if Digambar Kamat is able to recover the lost credibility of the government and restore the diluted values.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"He's from the same town, the same caste..." Did you just say caste? Dunno... I mean Sharmad Pai Raiturkar is from the same caste...yet they are rivals! Was under the impression that CCOC(chilly chicken& Officer's Choice) was the criteria?
(Unless chickens have caste too such as 'Hybrid','local','Mughlai','Butter','Korma','Boneless'... wow that makes my mouth water... hehehe)

Digu comes from Quepem, I think (He lives at present in a flat in Margao) So are they from the same town?

Chandrakant Keni:

"Goa is passing through a critical phase. It... but surely towards anarchy and the superficially beautiful edifice will crumble."
(I love this para)


"Goa is passing through a phase of political instability..."
(Love this one too, except the part where Digu is made to look like the spinx coming from the sands to rescue his tribe. That's rubbish)

On the power situation, it is good in Fatorda/Margao because the power is distributed from near the Nehru Stadium. Keni needs to travel outside these areas.

2 October 2007 at 00:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All these Journalists, Keni, Bhembro, datta Naik, Rajan Narayan et al. are journalists less and political activists more, often after the crumbs splashed by Congress. As Pricks says, Goa has lacked decent principled,upright and role modeled journo's. The media is ransacked and hijacked by the mining fating chors and rich and affluents.

2 October 2007 at 03:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thought you missed the digu thingy on TNT(newspaper you can trust!)..... but hey nothing gets by you guys!!! Trust me Keni bab received a massive favor from Digu.....its oblivious!

2 October 2007 at 21:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keni has sung praises of Digu. I think he believes all that he says. Whether there was quid-pro-quo or not, is speculation.

3 October 2007 at 17:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even though Goans are known to drink in moderation, 25 percent of all people who die at GMC succumb to alcohol related diseases. A large number of people who die of alcohol related diseases are ethnic Goans.

Ok the above is an exerpt from TNT (newspaper you can trust!)..... its official folks!!!! We have ethnic dumbasses in TNT!

5 October 2007 at 19:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok i assume that the balance 75% of ethnic goans that drink are in the TNT and the shortfall is filled by the malayalis.... wondering where herald figures in this statistic!

6 October 2007 at 21:17  

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