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We've been looking back...
It's been a short while since we ran our CASH FOR EDITORIALS story. And we were completely thrown off balance by the response it evoked in the journo community in Goa. Oh we were stunned. Completely caught off guard by the avalanche of... SILENCE that followed the story.
For all the chatter that journos are known to create, there is none on this issue.
We had been contemplating all these days, whether we should be going ahead with this piece. Folks have been reading this blog. Journos have been reading it too. We've put this story on the other-wise busy goajourno mailing list and have also made sure it reaches the mailboxes of most journos in Goa. We made sure guys in Goa Union of Journalists (GUJ) read it, so also the members of the Goa Editors Guild (GEG).
Now we didn't expect editors to shed their clothes, make the underwear switch on the outside, twirl a cape and jump out of their windows like Superman, but we at least expected a discussion. Some sort of brainstorming on the state of affairs.
Not a word.
Goajourno played dead. GUJ's trying to do the same, but we can still hear it breathing on the sly. The GEG's GAGGED. Probably cause it's one of their own guys who's caught holding the smoking gun.
The only guys who picked up the story was a newspaper whose yellow content we really despise... GOAN OBSERVER. Our story appeared to serve it's editor... Rajan Narayan's purpose of rubbing it into Robin and Raul, his former boss, nothing more.
So here's what we've decided to do.
Guys, you've been reading this blog for a while now. If you really think something at all needs to be done, try and pitch in with this please. This is what we'll try to do.
Each time we feature a significant story where an individual or an institution has crossed the line, we'll try and accompany that story with the phone numbers of the person or the institution concerned.
Guys, there's two things you could do.
1) There's those around here, who complain about us ignoring the other side of the story. You could listen to the other side of the story by calling the number we will try to provide for you, if you wish to.
2) Of, if you guys are convinced with what we write, you could make your feelings known to him/her. You guys could call in as readers of the fare they sell you in newsprint. Call them, ask them for their version and if it's lame lambaste them. Do your own bit of Gandhigiri. No roses, just pick up your phone and express your dissatisfaction with what's happening. Suggest corrective methods and make sure they listen to what you say. Make your protest known to them.
We begin this initiative (let's see how this works... it may seem foolhardy, but harebrained ideas have triggered chain reactions before) by providing you with Herald Editor Robin Abreu's numbers, both his cell phone 09822122325 and his direct line 0832-2433373. Robin has been featured so often on this blog for his exploits in the CASH FOR EDITORIAL and rampant an unceasing acts of plagiarism. Its only fair that we begin with him.
If any of you guys do call up these numbers at all, do not forget to tell the blog later, about the experience.
Other numbers to the Herald:
board numbers: 0091-832-2224202,2224460,2228083
email: editor@heraldgoa.com
And of course Harry Mann:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey pricks,
Give us the exact location of Herald office and if possible which floor does Robin and Harry sit carring out such shady acts.
Rather then calling, i prefer meeting them personally and giving them my piece of mind. I would like to see them sqirm in their sits.
You need to meet such rascals face to face and squeeze their b...s.
And probably gherao them for cheating the gullible readers.
The best way to do this is publicly humiliate them.
Action speaks louder....

26 September 2007 at 12:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Penpricks... I don't know this Winston Churchill, but I sure do know Churchill Alemão.

I know him because he has changed some long term beliefs of mine. I always (had) thought that the words 'shore' and 'beaches' could be used interchangeably. That's until the casino boat in the river Sal generated waves. Now I am made to understand that 'river banks' = 'shore' = 'beaches'.

This comment though unrelated, was triggered by the words Churchill and Beaches in the story title.

(I hope some readers don't misunderstand the comment as a ridiculing of Churchill, on account of his education. I'm not. I know of an individual who has spent years in universities acquiring doctrates/degrees. He believes his mom has more wisdom than he does, inspite of his education. I agree with him.)

26 September 2007 at 14:35  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

Anon1: here's the address... 160, Rua San Tome, Panjim Goa 403001 INDIA its on their website too... Its raining so make sure you guys carry umbreallas during the gherao ;) joking... Would really appreciate it, if at all you guys do meet up Robin and co and make your point... robin sits on the first floor (thats the first level after you cross the illegal mezannine floor) and Harry Mann sits in the basement
Anon2: Well said

26 September 2007 at 16:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A good idea may be to carry along a press note saying that Herald has been exposed on the Pen Pricks blog. Hand it to Robin. He may want to spruce it up a bit.

26 September 2007 at 17:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Friend,

What a great idea.... but Do u really think that Goan jurnos have the balls to approach and question...u must be out of your rockers... they would not mind questioning and talking big amongst themselves, when it comes to actions... they run like a pack of chickens in all directions... but Hats off to you.... you did start and keep up the work... but do also pull up other journalists and newspapers rather than just hitting out at Herald. Your articles always on Herald make a reader feel that you have a grudge against them and are washing it publically.... you should take a shot at others in the industry tooo... then we could have quality journos in Goa rather than these egoistic big slobs who are around the place.

26 September 2007 at 18:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Penpricks, if possible, could you elaborate (in a post) on Rajan Narayan's "yellow" journalism.

Think that will be nice...

27 September 2007 at 00:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey anon 1... If you gherao Robin & Mann try and take a audio/video device.
Maybe an mp3 player (for audio), mobile phone.
But do keep it concealed.

The last time he was gheraoed was when Jennifer Furtado's ghost was the guest editor. People of Navelim were not amused... the rest is history...

Where was I... aah yes... recording... Anon1, I will be glad to provide you with websites that allow uploading of video/audio... Just let me know if you need help.

27 September 2007 at 01:00  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

Anon 4: the idea is that folks who read these newspapers call up and question the newspaper guys concerned.

27 September 2007 at 01:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I think it is the goan attitude of being susegad. The goa journalists will only get up when the time is really running out of their hands.

They may also be waiting only for penpricks to do the needful.

Keep dreaming

27 September 2007 at 18:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey i heard our Good old Rob-in (be)abreu heads HCN channel too? Any idea if he has managed to sell anything there too? please let us know. All said and done what is an intelligent and extremely creative guy like shamir Diniz doing in a place like that? has he too begun helping Rob-in (be)Abreu to sell news content?

28 September 2007 at 23:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon @ 27 September 2007 18:51

I don't know what you mean by 'susegad'. It seems to suggest laziness.

I know of Goans who slog it out in the Gulf or on board foreign ships and elsewhere. I know of a young goan lass , think her name was flory who was beaten to a criple by sheiks wanting....(use your imagination)

I know of a maid who was murdered. Ship guys work for a measly $750. thats low wages man. Hey, there is a BA graduate I know who works for Rs. 850 pm. Do you know of a better employer preferrably in Salcete/Quepem taluka?

Take out the foreign remittances and you'll get a realistic picture of per capita income. Then again, you can go on believing in statistics, or like me believe in Mark Twain's quote "Statistics are the worst form of lies"
I can go on, but I think that will suffice, for now.

Look at the population. The portuguese regime would supplement the income of large families. Now the population is increasing but how due to inbound migration. The infrastructure is just not there! Instead women are forced to abort. If you have the time you may like to read the book http://www.rachelsvineyard.com/publications/book.htm
What are you doing about mass murder of children. You can read about why I use this term on www.justthefacts.org
If you are interested in seeing pics you may try priestsforlife.org/images

If you ask me "What is the problem with the world?", my reply would be "Me".

29 September 2007 at 00:12  
Blogger one time journo said...

Great work, you 'Penpricks' (i like the name ! very self-deprecatory !).
But its not just in Goa that you find these pimping journalists. You'll find them in droves in any city, licking the boots of the rich and the asses of the powerful.
There is hardly a political reporter who does not own property gifted by governments. There is hardly a business reporter who ever travels at his own expense.
And why blame the journo ? Publishing houses are prostituting their pages and/or airtime. TOI's Medianet is the pioneer and the paper still blatantly says "The leader guards the reader".
But never mind, keep up the good work.

2 October 2007 at 18:04  

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