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This is a bit of trivia, some of it cute, some of it weird...
Herald's Merces correspondent is a lad called Manuel Vaz. Manuel is one of those hardworking sorts who has risen from the rank of compositor and can outdo any deskie in the Herald, when it comes to writing skills.
These were a couple of reports which he filed on October 2, one on the about the Merces gram sabha, the other featured Mummy, no no its Mami isn't it? In normal course we wouldn't have mentioned it... but there's something about these two reports which we really find funny... check out the first one
Apparently, the gram sabha was upset on that day for two reasons, one was absense of panchas at the special gram sabh meeting. And the second was fear of a garbage crisis. The story goes this way... a contract named POLLY who is in charge of collection of garbage had threatened to stop work as his dues had not been paid for the past three months... Now... you guys may laugh at us, but can you imagine a garbage contractor by the name of POLLY? POLLY!?!?
Ok fine, granted... there could exist a garbage contractor by this name, but can you imagine someone with a name like POLLY, threatening a village? Imagine him saying this... "If I can't pin you down by the end of this week, my name isn't POLLY!!!" or this "Just pay up the money, or else POLLY will be angry."
And the other story... well we'll just leave you with this one observation.
St Cruz MLA Victoria Fernandes made an appeal to the youth to shun violence, follow the footsteps of the Mahatma and achieve their goals through non-violence and peaceful means to an audience at a function chaired by Social Welface Association of Santa Cruz chairman Rudolf Fernandes.... Does this make any sense now? Any sense at all? Isn't she a bit too late
in advising Rudolf, who apart from being featured in the police goonda list, was also arrested
under the National Securities Act (NSA)?
The third story was also published in the Herald "Gangs prey on Vasco lovebirds" The story's about how gangs in Vasco prey on lovers cuddling in less conspicous areas. The longish story tells you how couples are harassed and quotes some. It also recalls some instances where couples were looted at knife point.

But its a cops answer to a query by the journo which baffled us the most...
When asked why a police team did not patrol secluded areas, the official replied that a patrolling team was withdrawn after some couples began complaining that constables were “disturbing” them.
These are the links to these three stories...
Absence of panchas at Santa Cruz VP meet evokes criticism
Santa Cruz villagers urged to emulate Gandhiji
Gangs prey on Vasco lovebirds!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

penpricks ... What is wrong with Polly? It could be a shorterned version for Paul or Paulo. I know of 2 people who go by that name.

It's been some time since I read Enid Blyton books, but I think that there was a character called Aunt Polly.

As far as Gandhiji is concerned their only knowledge of Adv. M. K. Gandhi is his face on currency. Lovingly called Gandhi notes.

In today's India/Goa, the only slogan that seems relevant is

"Ouit India"!

3 October 2007 at 18:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, Penpricks ! Its again about Herald.

It seems this blog is sponsored, funded, aided and abetted by business rivals of Herald and run by disgruntled ex-Herald staff.


5 October 2007 at 11:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being a Herald lover you could start to expose other Papers too..

5 October 2007 at 22:35  

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