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Is this guy for real?
Is this guy really for real?
How consistently can a newspaper feed incorrect information to its readers? And how often?
This editorial is such a lamentable piece of work... Why? Cause it begins with the wrong premise and then goes on and builds a case around it. One could still fathom a wrong interpretation... but such a glaring factual error?
How do they choose editors these days?
Measure the crown of their heads or their girth?
In one of it's recent editorials, Herald editor Robin Abreu actually describes the Mormugao Port Trust (MPT) as a private company? How can anyone be 'this' wrong? Here's the MPT website, check it for yourself. It's a government concern with an Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer as the chairman.
All Robin had to do was call up his counterpart in The Navhind Times on this number 0832-6651123 and ask, 'Arun, that organisation you were a trustee in... was that a private firm or was it a government run affai
Arun's... Arun Sinha for the uninitiated. Sinha held the position of trustee at the MPT, when his fellow Bihari chum Nitish Kumar called the shots in the NDA government at the Centre.
Effectively during his tenure in the MPT, you could say Mr Sinha played the contrasting roles of people's watchdog and a government lapdog with characteristic skill.
Ok where were we... MPT and the Herald...
Well, there's something else Robin could have done.
He could have called up Frankey Fernandes... Franky works in the public relations dept at the MPT, works as the Goa stringer for NDTV and when he has a couple of free fingers to string around some more, he writes for the Herald as the Mormugao correspondent. Robin didn't call him too.
We guess he went with the spirit, that was vehemently articulated in Herald's A BIG THANK YOU notice.

Herald says “ask and you will receive”. Some will have questions and Herald says “ask and you will be answered”

Looks like this is one Oracle, that's probably lost it.
You could call Robin on his mobile and remind him of his mistake and ask him to get his facts right in the future or you could call on the Herald board numbers and leave a message. Or as we usually urge you to, listen to his side of the story, if you wish to.
Robin Abreu: 09822122325 and 0832-2433373 (direct line)
Herald board numbers: 0091-832-2224202,2224460,2228083
Above the state
Can a private company have the right to claim possession of certain areas of the state? And is a private company above the law of the land where it can supersede any governmental decision? The sudden claim by the Mormugoa Port Trust that "all the water areas of River Zuari, West of Agacaim-Cortalim ferry (excluding the ferry and the landing stages), along the villages of Agacaim (Mercurim), Goa Velha, Siridao, Bambolim, Cacara, Nauxim, Odxel, Vainguinim, Dona-Paula on the North; Cortalim, Sancoale, Dabolim, Chicalim, Vasco-da-Gama on the South as well as the sea front at Sada, Baina, Bogmalo, Chicolna, Issorcim, Velsao, Cansaulim, Arrossim, and Utorda, the Islands of Piqueno, Grande, etc and the specified areas of Betul, fall within the limits of Port of Mormugao may have surprised one and all. Is MPT trying to tell the people of Goa that they are a state within a state and they can do what they want? Is MPT trying to tell Goa and Goans, that if a fisherman from Betul wants to repair his jetty he cannot do so but is made to wait for the lordships at MPT to grant permission? What is happening to Goa where the ordinary and average Goan does not have access to the land he was born in? It is a sad state of affairs today that the state is unable to protect the rights of the common man who wants access to certain areas but is denied by private companies. One can understand a situation where there is a dockyard making defense equipment as in Mazagaon Docks or even Vishakapatnam where the surrounding area is acquired from the national security point of view. But this decision by MPT is extremely surprising and it has not explained to the people as to why it has made this claim and why was this claim not made when Bharati Shipyard was making plans to start a shipyard at Chicalim. But if one considers what is happening in Goa do not be surprised if companies are invited in to set up shop and then slowly start usurp the land around them and deny the average Goan the right to these lands. Companies set up shop in Goa and before the people know what is happening restrictions are in place for the non movement of local people and certain areas are place out of bounds. What is happening here? Be it multinational corporations, even for that matter non governmental organizations and certain private parties who take the law into their own hands and do not care a dam for the local people. What is the government doing about this? Now the government is planning to have Special Economic Zones, which as per Central government rules are a law to themselves. In addition there are other projects coming up – will these projects also dictate to the government? The MPT example is a clear cut case where a company has tried to lay down the law claiming land which rightly fully belongs to the state. What about private individuals or organizations which do the same, as it is happening in the costal belts. Why is the government not acting there? In many cases, these private hotels have wantonly damaged people's fields, bunds and property so that their guests can have access to that hotel. Is this also not a violation of the laws? The MPT is a clear eye opener that today the average Goan has no say in his own land. Yes, Goa is not for the Goans.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A person who cannot differentiate between a Private company and a semi-Central govt. organization is not fit to be an editor of the *Largest circulated and over 100 yr old* newspaper. Inflating goan sentiments in a irresponsible way is deplorable and should be condemned.

13 October 2007 at 05:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Robin, my Robin! First the copycat and now the doormat. The Guy sure needs a crash course in general knowledge. For all ye Herald Followers, this is how propaganda and doctoring of truth works. This man does not know truth and above that he is trying to incite maybe even create another electoral issue. Pro-Catholic, Pro-Specific Congressmen, Pro-Xenophobes in Goa...Herald sure is our reply to Shiv Sena's Saamna and Daily Telegraph (UK). MPT as private company and his star reporter as Mormugao Correspondent. Keep it up, Robin...Herald-The Doctrine of Nonsense & Confusion.

13 October 2007 at 09:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Pricko, you are a chum. You are really doing a yeoman service in exposing the media thats rotting in Goa.
This Robin, i am loss at words how to describe this guy.
I hope Raul logs on to this blog or some of his `real' friends (and not chamchas), who have the interest of Herald at heart, bring to his attention that he has placed a moron on the editor's chair. A real jackass.
I remember some of my teachers telling us to read newspapers to gain knowledge.
I suppose if i tell the kids to read Herald, now they will not only get thier facts wrong but they will also forget correct English.
Herald has hit the pits both in facts, particularly the editorial, and its style of writting.
There are so many grammatical and spelling mistakes in the paper.
Oh Robin! Shame on you and your tribe.
Carry on penpricks. Ignore the diatribe on you people. You have your onw fan following. We love you guys (gals?). You people are doing a marvellous service to Goans.
More power to your pen!!!

13 October 2007 at 11:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could penpricks kindly inform us about the educational qualifications of Mr. Robin..... And how much is he paid? How did the man get to be Editor?

14 October 2007 at 08:50  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

Anon 1: Ditto
Anon 2: Ditto
Anon 3: Thanks a ton... Am already feeling a surge of current coming through the little finger of my left hand ;)
Anon 4: How bout anyone telling us that? POssible?

15 October 2007 at 23:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just in case you guys dont know this.....I know Robin lost his job in India Today for plagiarism.

It happened years ago, after a lacklustre stint Robin had in the magazine. He was caught lifting from other published works and asked to quit.

How I know this? Well, I worked with India Today.

You can check this out with editors in India Today. They will tell you, provided they remember this prick still.

16 October 2007 at 20:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

India Today Anon: I'd be thrilled to read the link of the original, as well as the plagiarised 1!

16 October 2007 at 23:37  

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