Friday, 19 October 2007


Sawal gone, the scene in the Navprabha has heated up a bit now. They say the turbulence out there is so bad, that Sanjeev Verenkar has taken to wearing suspenders to keep him fastened to one place and they've put in velcro strips in the loo too. Rumour has it, that Walve has fastened the chairs and tables to the ground with nut -bolts, so that they stay-put in the positions his hips slot them into.
Thing is, Gurudas Sawal was the buffer that cushioned the turbulent relationship between the editor Suresh Walva (guy with long sidelocks and the brown shirt with the cupped left palm) and Sanju.
If you were present at Sawal's felicitation function, you'd have perhaps noticed Sanju's sly barrage targetted at Walve... Stuff like 'everyone retires', 'someone who has come has got to go' and 'one should not forget human values'.
With Sanju its like this. He delivers some of the finest barbs and retorts we have ever heard. Oh... he is super. Sanju won't say it in too many words too. Just a sentence or so. He doesn't ramble on, the way we do. The typical classy Sanju master-piece works out this way.
Say... you some something to Sanju that hasn't really gone well with him. Here's how he would generally react...
Short-statured that he is, he'd pause for a minute and turn to his left or right (depends on where one of his pals is). Then he'd tug his pants up a little in that cutely inimitable way with one hand. Then with the fore-finger on the other hand, he'd push back his spectacles back over the bridge of his nose slowly, raise his eyebrows and start, "Babu...."
Anyway that was quite digression. Where were we... the rumblings in Navprabha.
Gurudas Sawal's exit has now rendered the position of chief reporter vacant. The claimants for it are Sanju himself, Baban Bhagat and Kishor Kubal. Sanju feels its his rightful turn now for the years he has put in the newspaper. But he fears that his 'issues' with Walve would hamper his chances, leaving the options open for the two others. You guys have anymore dope on this?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stuff like 'everyone retires', 'someone who has come has got to go' and 'one should not forget human values'....

Well, maybe they were directed at someone or maybe they weren't, who knows.

I have stopped watching serials such as 'Saans bhi khabi bahu thi', Jay Leno, Oprah and similar ones, they kind of have an influence. Also TV ads seem to tell you, 'You need to buy this stuff, else you are not good enough'.

Here is a story of 2 phycoanalysts meeting each other:
One says to the other, "Good morning".
The other one wonders, "I wonder what he meant by that".

20 October 2007 at 02:11  

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