Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Here's a comment from an anonymous reader...

Here's a major example about the morons who run the media in Goa. Last weekend the Goa Marathi Patrakar Sangh and the NIO organized a very informative workshop on ill-effects of global warming which cause sea levels to rise.
As per data provided by the NIO, parts of Panjim and the coastal belt would be under water. Some of the info already indicated that some parts of Goa have already lost beaches due to rise in sea levels by just a few millimetres.
Claude Alvares pointed out how the Morjim beach is being swallowed by the sea.
But did any of the main Goan papers cover the event? No. Most didn't even bother to send reporters though a few intrepid souls came of their own volition.
Only Sunaparant, the Konkani paper, covered this in a decent way. Editor Sandesh Prabhudessai even put in an appearance.
But for Navhind Times and Herald, coastal Goa could have been another planet altogether.
Only you guys should have seen the national participation. ToI, Star News, Hindu and journos from Calcutta and Orissa.
The Goan media needs to be pricked up the appropriate orifice, I say.


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