Friday, 2 November 2007


Someone pass around the hat in the Herald please… And make sure you collect enough money to buy the Old Goa correspondent Gilbert D’Mello a one-way ticket to Portugal… Either send this guy away quick or at least else check what this guy writes… Melvyn… (Melvyn is the guy who’s in charge of correspondent copies) man have you stopped going through this guy’s copies or what?)
The only thing Herald's ‘Old Goa’ dateline churns out is outlandish religious froth, apart from the weekly ass-licking offerings by Gilbert to the Old Police station. Divine messenger he is certainly not, or Gilbert really wouldn’t have had to evoke the name of his patron saint and Herald owner Raul Fernandes' name at least twice every evening, whenever he drops by our office with 'messages' from the Holy Quarter.
Ok… the point we were making is… hmmm ya… Portugal…
Have you seen this very small single column which appeared in the November 1 issue? Can any of you guys tell us if this stuff he has filed, merits place in a newspaper? What this shit would really merit, is a scolding from the guy who Gilbert hands his copies to? The crux of the story is a group of Portuguese tourists who dropped by to visit the Bom Jesus Basilica. That's it... That's the story... That’s the story!!!
Can you beat that? Of course the local parish priest has been named twice in a sentence, which sums up why the story really was pushed by Gilbert… These plugs are still alright once in a way, if you are developing a source, but the last time Gilbert filed a hard story was when he was in his sixties and the Bom Jesus Basilica was probably still being constructed… ;)
Portuguese group goes on pilgrimage to Old Goa

OLD GOA, OCT 31 - A group of 47 Portuguese nationals from Portela-Lisbon, who are on a tour to India, arrived in the State two days ago.
On Wednesday, the tourists along with their parish priest Fr Antonio Javela, went on a pilgrimage to Old Goa, where Fr Javela celebrated mass in Portuguese at 10.30 am in the Bom Jesus Basilica.
Speaking to Herald outside the Basilica, the tourists said their stay in Goa was “very pleasant and cheerful.”
The tourists will leave for Mumbai on Thursday afternoon, from where they will visit Jaipur, Agra and other places in India.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Herald will drool over anything that is Portuguese. That explains why this fart ....

2 November 2007 at 07:12  

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