Tuesday, 6 November 2007


Lightening doesn’t strike the same place twice. Sure, but there’s no adage about being ‘dumb struck’ twice a week, is there.
Robin does it again.
We really do not know where he sources his information from? Robin goes about again Kundaim and Keri. When did Keri ever boycott polls? Perhaps by roping in Kundaim into the editorial this time, Robin maybe desperately trying to hold his pants from falling around his ankles. Like a guilty kid trying to sneak some cookies back into the jar after he’s been caught stealing from em once too often.

And as usual, the editorial is as bad as they come from.

Stand by them
Forty thousand votes that was the margin Francisco Sardinha won the South Goa Member of Parliament seat on Saturday. But what will Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar have to say about this. While it may sound cruel to ask him surely the win by Francisco Sardinha by so many votes, is a clear indication that voters of South Goa want peace and tranquility in that region. And what was even more shocking was the huge margin considering the low voter turnout, which is an indication that the BJP and its cronies had got all their calculations totally wrong. So wrong were the calculations that one wonders what the BJP think tank must be wondering at the moment. They thought they had everything going for them but it is more than obvious that they could not get through to the voter and considering that two villages Kundaim and Keri abstained from voting is another slap on the face.
But Francisco Sardinha should also take heed from this. While the people of South Goa have still kept their faith in the Congress, as they have always done so, Francisco Sardinha should stick to what he has promised. He should not make the mistake of forgetting what was promised during the campaign when he trots off to Delhi. And this is very important for Francisco Sardinha because though he won by 40,000 votes his campaign was marred by controversy and skepticism especially his remarks on dhirio’s. That did not win him many friends and in fact nearly cost him the election. On the other hand Dr Wilfred Mesquitta’s stand and campaign especially regarding the Special Economic Zones did earn him many brownie points. But then what went wrong during the voting. And also considering that many from the minority community did not participate in the elections, Francisco Sardinha’s victory does assume much significance.
This is where Francisco Sardinha will now have to woo back many people and voters who had turned away due to the anti-SEZ feelings that are running high in the state? True he will have a tough task ahead of him but his task will be much easier as compared to if Dr Mesquitta had won. The reason, there is a Congress government at the Centre and it will be much easier to get an ear to listen to. This would not have been possible if Dr Mesquitta had won the election but he would have been able to drum up support and definitely use this as a plank that the Congress is anti-people. Francisco Sardinha has everyone on his side at Delhi. Show the people the Congress cares, try and revoke this Central government decision of trying to have fifteen SEZ’s in the state.
True Francisco Sardinha has made a statement that there should only be two SEZ’s in the state – one in North Goa and one in South Goa. But what does the Centre say and will he be able to convince the Centre. This is off crucial importance especially for the people of Goa. If he does not manage to do so, then the people’s trust and faith that has been imposed in him will vanish. It is for this reason, that Francisco Sardinha should start from the beginning and do something. Because if he does not the BJP will say I told you so. If he does, he can always retort ‘SEZ who’.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its Heralad again ! Can u change your name to ' O Penpricks O ' ?

6 November 2007 at 13:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you are interested in a bit of an investigative scoop you might want to take a look at http://www.morjim.com/mainenglish.html

And now the Russians fight each other over our land

7 November 2007 at 07:06  

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