Tuesday, 6 November 2007


Guys there’s a civil war in Tarun Bharat’s Mapusa bureau.
The two warring parties are a young gentleman named Mr G and the other is a wizened old hand Mr N. And at the cost of being judgemental, we must add here that the indiscretion was
committed by the youngster G.
We have dedicated one of our earlier posts to G from Tarun Bharat. After the scandal was discovered by the TB bosses, they transferred this guy to Panaji. But it so happens that Mr G was desperate to get back to Mapusa. This guy has his reasons. He’s been there for years now. Mr G is one of the most efficient matka bookies around there. He knows all the cops and government servants around. He was also in the process of donning the robes of a ‘social worker’. But the transfer came just at the wrong time.
Mr G is of the impression that the Mr N was the one who spooked the newspaper biggies with the former’s scandal and is now tormenting Mr N in weird ways. The TB office infact is more of a hot bed of conspiracy and intrigue. Mama Thakur had better do something quick…


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't this G should have been kicked out after taking 50 K bribes. Or is it normal for Goa Journo's to accept such Bakshis from publicity seeking politicos.

6 November 2007 at 18:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this not journalistic prostitution??

6 November 2007 at 18:58  

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