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The guy with the face hemmed inside the black rim. Look at him closely. You'd generally see him around journalists and politicos in Goa. In fact you'd almost mistake him for a rogue journalist. He's got the same sycophant sort of look on him. Look carefully... The reason why we are running him here is this photo... This here is Milan Burman, a Congress liason man operating in Goa, strangely of Bengali origin. To be very specific, he is more of a Luizinho Faleiro and Mauvin's greaseman. He's their liason man and does those things for these politicos, which they cant be seen doing. To be honest, he's not as smooth as Kedar Dhume... But Burman has his charms...
This pic was published in the Herald one day after the media hoopla over Sardinha's victory. Wanna know how this pic got into print? On the night of November 3, Milan desperately zipped in and out of the Herald office trying to get this picture published. The second last time he stepped out of office was only to get everyone in the Herald including guys on the desk, reporters, news editor, compositors ice cream cones to get this picture published. We think, the only guy we think who did not have Milan's ice cream that day was Melvyn. (If there were others, raise your hands please) The rest of them did not mind. Even the news editor Sergio who finally gave the go ahead for this photo to be published. What's in the photograph? Well there's Burman himself holding fast on to an open jeep and all the vulgarities of a 'victory' procession.
And guys, now you know what to feed journos at Herald if you need to get your stuff published out there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ice cream (and the usual CCOC) with sedentary work is a sure recipe for diabetes.

So if any of the blokes get symtoms such as fatigue, mood swings, frequent urination especially at night, thirst, you know the culprit.

And if your doctor tells you to stop lolling it out and burn those calories, don't forget to catch Milan by the ear and take him for your exercise.

7 November 2007 at 15:43  
Blogger kanto said...

Does Burban still ride around on that beat up old bike without a number plate? And who can forget his famous line, "Plej picture carry kor na, plej."

8 November 2007 at 01:17  
Anonymous grass is green said...

I am really worried about our 'boys' in Herald. Have they really become such despos and wretchedly penniless loonies so as to sell their stinking souls to Burman for a cone of icecream.
I am cringing in shame mingled with sorrow over the fact that the Herald boys fell for a cone icecream. Atleast you could have demanded a Faluda na. Or a litre of Baskin Robbin each to devour while doing the pages and another two litres each to as takeaways.
Jeez, I still cant believe it that a cone did the trick when earlier Burman used to bring Old Monk and the likes to insert some news of politicos.
Burman must still be laughing that he got himself into the Herald pages with just a few icecreams.
This is the pits herald boys. I think you guys need some help to get out the self dug pit and become men. you definitely need help to make you stand up for your right to demand from Burman that this will not do. That the icecream is just not enough. To tell Burman on his face that he cannot get away with such daylight crimes.
If you are really men, tell Burman that it is payback time, that you need watches, gold pens, mobile phones. The most daring among you can even demand laptops, but certainly ice with or without cream cannot be the price.
Come on boys, when will you grow up and become men. instead of licking the creamy top of the rounded cones, you could have demanded some bucks (atleast a couple of hundred thousand) to be distributed evenly among everyone as per their seniority. I hope you boys know that nowadays ATMS are open even in the night.
How low have you stooped down herald boys. If any of you had the balls, then you could have told him to FO from the place and bring the works if he wanted his picture in the papers.
Did Burman mesmerise you or did Burman promise you that more is to come and that the icecream is just a taste of things to come. Did he tell you boys to just taste the tip and the real booty is down there.
MAYBE, we can have each of the Herald boys to tell us their experience of eating burman's icecream. How did they lick the cone? Hard or slow. Did they swallow it whole and hard or waited for it to become soft and slippery. Was it rough or smooth? How was the taste. Did they slurp on it or eat it just like normal.
Yikes. just thinking of it makes me feel nauseated.
But hats off to Burman for putting the 'topi' on herald boys. I almost hear the gurglish laughter of Burman ringing in my ears. Only a Burman can do this? And he still gets away with it.
Shame shame, puppy shame to herald boys???!!!
I am still worried that Heralders dont know how to hold their pants up.
Is there any honour among thieves?

8 November 2007 at 18:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Pricks...

The Times of India is on the look out for Milan Burman.

Guys in Goa has informed them that Milan Burman is not traceable.

The Times Group will be very happy to know about Milan Burman presence in Goa.

9 November 2007 at 19:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Milan Burman burns his calories every evening at maxsan gym in borda, margao, btw he popped up in NT sports page today, squeezing among the Churchill team

10 November 2007 at 23:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10 November 2007 23:11:

Is Milan the chap 3rd from the left (standing)?

Tried the navhind website but could not find it in the archives section.

Do u have a link to the pic? ...cause it's kinda blurred on the paper. (Thanks in advance)

12 November 2007 at 16:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is Milan Burman doing.

Is he getting on the jeep or is he falling down.

Falling down that will never happen. He will pull down another 2 guys with him.

17 November 2007 at 11:44  

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