Thursday, 29 November 2007


Hi guys... sorry we've been unable to upload much last few days. Things got a bit out of hand... work suddenly piled up making it a bit tough for us to upload regularly... But the stories we've promised you guys are coming in... assured.
You know, sometimes you don't make a mistake and yet what finally gets published appears so silly. And that gives pricks like us something to humour up a bit. Like this GREAT BIGFOOT PALANQUIN TRICK... You know why we have called it what we have... Look carefully.
You see chief minister Digu in the picture (which appeared in the Gomantak earlier) above. That's him on the right seat on the palanquin. The lady facing him is Mrs Digu and the one in the background is Mahendra Alvares, the guy who runs the over-rated outfit 'Bigfoot' in Loutolim. Where were we... Ok... before you proceed to the next photo, look at the expression on poor Digu's face. Sad isn't he? And Mahendra behind him seems pretty nervous. He seems to be wondering... Will it work? What if it doesn't? Now check the next pic (which appeared in Tarun Bharat) out...

VOILA... A grinning Mahendra and look... look at Digu... He's gleaming too. Between the two of them and the palanquin bearers, they seem to have gotten rid of Mrs Digu... She's just disappeared... And do they seem pleased? Look at Digu will you, can't contain his glee... And Mahendra his GREAT BIGFOOT PALANQUIN TRICK works... Wonder if it was here that chief secretary J P Singh made the Aldeia de Goa file vanish too?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This vanishing file thing has happened after the countermanding of elections took place.
Remember the characters
Adv. Radharao Gracias
Dr. Ernesto Rodrigues
Rosario Estibeiro (deceased) etc.

Not only files, it happens to people too.
Remember those vanished, liberation fighters making a surprising appearance after 4 decades? I wonder what these thumb sucking, crawling toddlers really fought for? It's merely a coincidence that govt. has job reservations for such cases.
Look at the case of Dr. Wilfred D'Souza, his politics perhaps borders on the absurd, but as an active liberation fighter, liberation is all that he accepted, not cash or kind.
You can never put a price on liberation. Doing so exposes the substandard ethics of the individual.

30 November 2007 at 17:53  

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