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The guys on your screen chaps... The two with the faces circled are Raju Nayak and Sandesh Prabhudesai. Yes... you are right... The same guys... Anti-establishment, firebrand... I mean so fire-brand were they, that Datta Naik (the guy at the centre with the striped white shirt. Datta runs the Monginis cakes and confectionary business in Goa. We will turn to this 'epitome of intellect' in a later post) made them hug his Monginis furnace, when the power conked off at the Verna industrial estate... Anyway that's a different matter...
The reason why we have put up this photo here is to tell you guys about how the so called anti-establishment journalists of yesterday are now the altar boys of this government.
Raju Nayak -- former editor of the Sunaparant and currently reporting for Loksatta and The Indian Express -- is a very misuderstood man. Dunno if we could help to clear the air a bit.
Raju is a very very obvious pro-Congress reporter. People often mistake his clearly partisan, pro Congress vehemently anti BJP reportage for his secular valor. He doesn't mind that.
Raju has even contested on the Congress ticket some time back. But here, it is necessary to make this particular distinction. You see, Raju is a touch shy of being his usual scathing self when it comes to the Congressmen and those interests, to whom his Congressman brother-in-law Vijay Sardessai is pandering to, at a given point of time. And since Digu is in power and Churchill is a minister in the Digu led govt and Vijay is close to Churchill, Raju will cut ribbons, organise secular seminars, attend book release functions and make sure his cultural organisation gets a grant or two from the ministry of culture which is perceivably close to Digu boy's heart.

But then, in typical Guilherma Almeida fashion, 'ONE MAY ASK' how then has he secured his credentials as an anti-establishment journo? Guys, even when the BJP government was in power, his reporting was more of the 'axe to grind against you arse' variety, with a Sicilian vendetta sort of way. His stories, though factually bankrupt, were merely editorial twists which can very well be wrangled on your keyboard.
But raju is a part of the same gang of shallow and "pick-pocket intellectuals'' like Rajan Narayan, Datta Naik, Arvind Bhatikar, who for the last few years are in such a back scratching mood, that if you ask one of them to take their shirts off, you'd see their backs worn down by a couple of inches.
And what of Sandesh... poor chap... ironically for the former student leader, the Goa University was his Waterloo, when in the BJP regime along with Prakash Kamat, Sandesh he too ran after a biscuit thrown by Parrikar, in form of the controversially allotted long distance education programme at the Univ.
Since then, he just hasn't had a chance to use his vocal chords much. An altar boy, doesn't need to shout does he? All he needs to do, is join the chorus...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raju Nayak is a part of the same gang of shallow and "pick-pocket intellectuals'' like Rajan Narayan, Datta Naik, Arvind Bhatikar, who for the last few years are in such a back scratching mood, that if you ask one of them to take their shirts off, you'd see their backs worn down by a couple of inches.


Sandesh & Prakash's tryst with Parrikar's crumbs requires greater highlight as it underlines how fine journalists sell themselves for a few bits of silver.

great job pricks!
keep strippin' them!!

13 January 2008 at 07:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent job, Penpricks. Hats off to you for finally cornering Raju (Khal)Nayak.
And here is something more on Raju. Raju is such a hyprocite that he ran a column in Marathi daily Rashtramat which was a vitriol on Goan journos. The column was titled 'Patrakarachya Nondvahitil Kahibahi'.
You can confirm this with former Rashtramat editor Sitaram Tengse.
Raju is conspicuous by his absence in all press conferences but gets his daily quota of news from some of his sycpohants in Panjim.
And the same Raju had the audacity to criticise Goan scribes in his column for being lethargic? Shameless fellow.

13 January 2008 at 17:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sandesh, poor fella! He picked up crumbs thrown Parrikar thereby becoming a suspect to the Goa based hypocritical leftist lobby in journalism.
And now, after having criticised the same Parrikar, Sandesh has become an anathema to the BJP.
Na Ghar Ka, Na Ghat Ka.

13 January 2008 at 17:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do you mention, a distinguished person like Aravind Bhatikar, in the same breath as these low lives?

Did you forget that the Parritler regime's crony found a cockroach in his gateaux. Mind you, this customer brought a chit with the pastry name written on it. Ok. Datta leans towards anyone other than Parritler. He finds the RP-2011 fighters "eco fundamentalists".

Rajan did a facts based investigation of Parritlers recruitments in the electricity department and found that the religious beliefs of the selected candidates are biased when compared to the religious demography of Goa. His stray thoughts section sucks especially the parts where he praises certain bureaucrats including Elvis Gomes. (I am sure Rajan knows only 25% of the officers) Does anyone know how much the State pays for his X security brief.

Parritler's hatchetmen ordered the raid of Dr. Francisco Cola├žo's clinic. What was the Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) doing in a clinic which prescribes no drugs or food?

Did someone forget the raids on homes of various individuals in the wee hours? There was no threat from those individuals, to justify those grave yard shift raids.

Parritler started a system called "Awaiting Posting" wherein an officer is paid to do nothing and earn a salary. Never mind that he (officer) suffers badly for he has nothing to write in his Confidential Report, in addition to facing the frowns of neighbours who suspect his absence to be a suspension. Spineless Diggu continues the same.

Diggu is pushing his sister-in-law (Asha's ex M.M.C councillor sister Mrs. Naik), into virtually all public positions.

Datta "Bodybuilder" Naik from Panaji (not to be confused with Monginis fella) destroyed public property paid for by the C.C.P.. Was he made to pay for the damages? Are some people more equal than others before the law?

Prabhudesai has done a remarkable job, for the sole reason that he comes from one of the discriminated talukas of Goa called Canacona. That in itself is an achievement.

14 January 2008 at 00:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow.... penpricks reduced to a bunch of marati prickers..... you started with a bang and now have gotten to a whimper!!!

14 January 2008 at 07:28  

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