Sunday, 3 February 2008


SPORTS: We didn’t even need to toss a coin here. If there ever was a poll to choose a chap for the top slot in the state’s sports department, SAG (Sports Authority of Goa) Executive Director V M Prabhudessai would surely come up trumps. The kind and the level of games this guy can play and orchestrate is simply mind-boggling. If an independent investigation were to be initiated into chief minister Digu’s premature hair-loss, there are good chances that the under-qualified and chronic sycophant, V M Prabhudessai could be one of the main reasons behind it. For when it comes to the crunch Prabhudessai simply licks his way out of it anybody, anywhere, anytime. Ladies and gentlemen winner of the OUTSTANDING PRICKS OF THE YEAR AWARD (SPORTS) V M Prabhudessai.

Something ‘fomenting’ within the Timblo clan, is there? T
he Timblos who win our OUSTANDING PRICK OF THE YEAR (TYCOONS), one of the tight-knit group of invincible mining mandarins in Goa, gave us a lot to wonder about this year. First up, the sensational murder case against one of the scions of the family, when Sarvesh Timblo was booked for the murder of Mario Mascarenhas. This was very strange indeed, for historically the mining lords have been known to outsource a lot of onerous tasks to handymen. It’s the red of the torn earth that these big boys like to handle on their own, the messier form of red is usually taken care of by minnions. Wonder what happened in Sarvesh’s case? Then there was the tiff with Babush Monseratte over the private beach near Cidade… Timblo’s have been eyeing this beach property for years now… A private beach to wet their feet… This too got out of hand for them, which makes us seriously suspect that the Timblo’s may not be as invincible as they used to be. And of course then comes the falling off with Rajan Narayan vis a vis Prudent media… Wonder if Rajan asked for a flat too many?

CELEBRITY: Did you know Hema Sardesai’s uncle is one Gurudas Parrikar? I guess then that explains why she has such a soft corner for this particular surname. You could hear it all over her performance at the Save Goa Rally recently. Once she did that, we had no choice but to name her as the OUTSTANDING PRICK OF THE YEAR (CELEBRITY) before the state confered a Padmashri on her in the near future, i.e. if the BJP ever comes to power.

JUDICIARY: Shhh… Please do not attribute any motives here… The OUSTANDING PRICK OF THE YEAR (JUDICIARY) goes to sacked judicial magistrate first class (JM
FC) Shekhar Parab who showed us why judges should not have the word ‘real estate agent’ listed on their resumes. Parab’s conduct has certainly lowered the dignity of the judiciary in Goa by several notches.

EDUCATION: However hard you churn the pot here, the only name that would cut through the slime and rise to the top would be Dr Waman Naik… No other deserves to nail the OUTSTANDING PRICK OF THE YEAR (Education) category other than this SS Dempo principal Waman Naik. Although unlike parts of North India, Goa does not see carnage in the name of caste… But there still occasions when criminal liability can be salvaged by the appropriateness of caste. The Dempo college management has stopped short of honouring this man for allegedly sexually harassing a teacher at work, hence we decide to do the honours.

EDITORS: Do we need to say… Do we really need to say? Who… I guess the pic should do the trick… Right?

They say only the froth rises to the top, but you would too, if you hung
onto it for a bit. For his ever so silent rise to the top Gomantak chief reporter Sadguru Patil we confer upon him the PENPRICKS OUTSTANDING PRICK OF THE YEAR
(REPORTING). We can say with a certain bit of authority, that this award would cap his rise from a diligent, sincere, hardworking reporter to a self-obliging battering ram for Sudhin Dhavalikar, Vishwajeet Rane, Gurudas Gawas and company. And if not a battering
ram, you could also hire his buttering services anytime you want… And hey its not as expensive as you think it is…

MEDIA BARON: For someone who knows how to find her way in the tushy… sorry cu
shy company of Shilpa Shetty, Yana Gupta, Zeenat Aman, Malaika Arora, Lisa Ray, Bipasha Basu (check this link) Pallavi Dempo the big boss of Navhind Publications is our candidate for the OUTSTANDING PRICK OF THE YEAR AWARDS (Media Baroness). What clinched the award for us is her unstinted support to Navhind Editor Arun Sinha and columnist Dr Waman Naik – the former has been accused of molesting a minor maid-servant, while the latter has been accused of sexual harassment by a lecturer in the college where Waman teaches. In all sincerity we appreciate the sensitivity she displayed towards alleged erudite child molesters and caste-right principals accused of sexual harassment. A hand… give her a hand guys… Takes nerve to do this.

Special categories

DEAD PRICK AWARD: We slipped this one in. The winner of this award is the Editors
Guild of Goa or is it the Goa Editor’s Guild (see pic) which we think needs to endorse a life certificate to prove that these guys are really alive. In a turbulent year for the media these editors made their presence felt by their dignified absence… Someone tell us is this Guild a fable or what?

INNOVATIVE PRICK AWARD: Only one taker for this one… Its dear Harry Mann, w
ho faced gallows in the Cash for Editorial scam that we broke some time back… Robin lived on for a few more months, but poor Harry was banished across the seas for his innovative editorial squelching endeavour.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The prick of the year awards are fine. But why are'nt you guys responding to the allegations on the navhind Times caption. And where the heck did penpricks get the caption from.
For the uninitiated, PP accused The NT of printing a grammtically incorrect caption (they posted some caption on the blog), when a perfectly correct caption was printed.
Please explain it does show on your credibility.

3 February 2008 at 07:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey prick,

your days pricking the arses of Goan media are at an end. Times of India is coming out of Goa. Entire Herald Team has crossed over to the side of the Mumbai invader.

only ashwin tombat is not getting any job with ToI because of the little court case still going on in a Mumbai court from his old naxalite days..

Raul has two pet animals on either ear - Ashwin and Sergio. And the Filipinos half way down his anatomy...

The SEZ lobby is finally hitting back at all the protesters by funding The Times of India's foray into Goa. Cipla and the real estate company in Sancoale have promised big bucks advertising to ToI.

See how whatever little voice remains in GUJ will be snuffed out. The ToI contract expressly forbids journos from joining trade unions or speaking at trade union forums.

Right now, no contracts have been given out. Contracts will be given one month after the journalists join. Management hopes the chootiyas would be hooked to the great pay-packets by then...

And dear pricks, you gotta shut up or you'd suffer the same fate as pradhman mahehswari and

3 February 2008 at 12:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Penpricks...

Who is the overall outstanding Prick of the Year.

Its it Robin, Pallavi, Vaman, Arun Sinha, ??????

We have to crown him with a gold crown and wooden Medal.

3 February 2008 at 17:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic job, people! My sides are shaking with laughter. I now propose myself for merriest prick of the year award!

Keep it up!

3 February 2008 at 18:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think the second comment fellow went for the TOI interview and was not selected one can see lot of anger of being humiliated by the TOI guys which is outpouring in his posting.

It is good that TOI is coming to Goa finally there is competition and the reporters will get their dues,and i think a story is being circulated by some of the so called greats in journalism that this is a part of the SEZ lobbies and i hope soon the scenario comes to Marathi also.

Regarding Trade unionism tell me where is GUJ and the great activism of the leaders . How many of the Journalist earn decent pay packets.

What happened to Pradhman Maheshwari he used his blog to become famous and then left to join DNA.

4 February 2008 at 22:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a bit disappointed that Penpricks haven't added the special category of best new TV channel in Goa to their Outstanding awards. Not in the prick category of course. If they did HCN would be a top contender,erasing all competition.
After all which other TV channel flashes a mugshot of Joaquim Alemao grinning like an orangutan for five seconds? Preceding this was a Konkani interview of his brother, Churchill which ends with a voiceless clipping of the elder simian frantically making a public speech to the accompaniment of an instrumental dirge.
The accompaniment is not by Churchill Brothers Cacophonic Orchestra but by HCN Discordant Orchestra conducted by Raul Fernandes.Subscribe to this channel folks,its a reminder that you must laugh to live well. Its humour in audio-visual uniform.

5 February 2008 at 01:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There seems to be a very adamant Navhind Times janitor here, repeatedly asking for an apology so that the paper comes out unscathed on this blog. So on behalf of Penpricks I would like to tender an apology but please don't kid other people that Arun Sinha's reverse tampon has no other printed errors in it.I presume you are the NT's officially appointed suppository. Heck!, Penpricks please edit this comment or else this guy will pester you for another apology.

5 February 2008 at 01:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happened to that job the widow of an ex-employee was supposed to get. You guys had done a story some months ago. Did the rich company give her the job as promised?

6 February 2008 at 17:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The media in Goa has a soft corner for Digu. They seem ready to bend backwards and even crawl to please him.

Who says Digu isn't vindictive?, I ask Rajan Narayan.

What is this 'aam admi'?, I say to the other papers.

Why did Digu appoint Elvis as Director of Tourism, when he had failed to collect the 1 crore deposit vis-a-vis River Princess, from M/S ChrossChem International?

What about the petty criminals who take refuge in the slums under his protection?

6 February 2008 at 17:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

pen pricks finally gets lamer than herald and dies... is this truly the end of penpricks? i think it is... going my the lack of real topics posted...or have the rotund flanks and shaggy underbelly of goan died out of boredom?

7 February 2008 at 07:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Pricks

Not heard anything about GT or Derek. Is he above-board or does he run this blog?

Nothing about the ToI or sanjay Banerjee. If the Press has a dumb head it is him. Even Ashley was not so bad.

Why do you guys not do a full length expose on Rajan Narayan and Tara (Patel) Narayan? Awaiting some juicy dope on these "goan" journos.

Your awards have not awarded anything to Pamela D'Mello. She is no saint. Atleast the Church does not have a new one in this session of Lent.

And what about Ashely and Choppy. How come they did not win the "lousy" jurno award.

You guys should think beyond Robin or else you will grow out of ideas.

8 February 2008 at 07:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

digu has just allotted land to times of india to build a new printing press. existing press subcontracted at thivim will continue for time being.

ToI will move to a new office in Patto again thanks to Digu. they get to keep the old office in panjim as well. lucky fellows.

am wondering if digu will now give a special power line to ToI so that they do not suffer any break in power supply.

now journos at ToI Goa will be given laptops/computers by company. they will get to keep the comps given by digu as well...

at least six flats are being given for ToI journos in Altinho. digu sanctioned the flats on Thursday.

the journos are lucky too..

8 February 2008 at 17:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoever has made the statement that Ashley and Pamela are lousy journos is a real twerp. Little is he aware of the calibre of either and of Derek too. Ashley for a long time was groomed Norman Dantas one of the most revered investigative and truly objective journalists Goa has ever had. Ashley has tried to emulate him as best as he could and many a times has done a stupendous job.
Comparing Choppy with Ashley is chalk and cheese.
Pamela may be no saint. Neither are you. But I can vouch for Pamela's credibility in that in the few years that I have worked with her, she has never budged even an inch in writing stories that could advance hers or anyone's personal interests. She would not even recommend publishing a press note. She and her husband Ricoh have selflessly taught many once fledgling journos the not so obvious aspects of journalism.
Derek has always been the impartial epitome of a journalist. His characteristic forte is his constant yearning to perfect something as much as he can. Whether it be a story or just a headline.Hardwork is his passion.
You could learn a lot from these four journos mostly that in the back of their minds they are convinced that never is such a thing as a perfect job and that there is always room for improvement in journalism.

9 February 2008 at 00:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11 February 2008 at 08:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


The Herald, Goa's largest selling English daily suddenly found itself facing a major upheaval on Monday afternoon.
The Times of India tsunami swept the Herald newspaper office unexpectedly with three reporters Vijay D'Souza, Guilhereme Almeida and Julian D'Costa switching allegiances to the bigger rival.
The three disillusioned reporters who form the backbone of the State news content in Herald tendered their resignation letters to the editor, Ashwin Tombat who in turn apprised the personnel manager, Vijay Gaonkar of the developments to help diffuse the crisis.
However, the management's damage control exercises came to a naught with all three reporters refusing to withdraw their letters.The Herald management knew of the impending arrival of the ToI Goa edition well in advance but has failed to act on it.The Herald MD, Raul Fernandes who has a past of breaking his assurances flew down to Goa on a chartered flight to take stock of the situation. As a face saving measure and to prevent the exodus of more employees, the MD sanctioned the raise in remuneration of its lower and middle rung editorial staff with effect from the current month.The TOI tremor caused enough fissures to make Raul hasten the process on which he procastinated for over six months.
The Times group has already been scouting for experienced manpower and is still tapping both vernacular and English newspapers for resources. Their logistical requirement of 20 copy editors is likely to leave a major dent in the three English dailies.
The newspaper managements are also apprehensive that the Times of India onslaught will eat into their advertising revenues. What happened in Herald is likely to have a domino effect on the other two English dailies also namely Navhind and Gomantak Times. With better prospects beckoning them in all aspects, managements of all three dailies are going hammer and tong to keep their productive employees behind. Unfortunately all of them are still unaware they are treading on unsteady ground which has enabled ToI to make waves on local shores.

12 February 2008 at 01:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

where the heck are u?

12 February 2008 at 07:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zzzzzzzz... Where are you guys... Celebrating an extended carnival are you? Or perhaps celebrating the Chinese New Year? Or are you engaged in writing for GT... There have been a couple of new chaps writing middles for them of late!

12 February 2008 at 15:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually Choppy should have been awarded the sick prick of the year award.

8 days a week and 32 days a month he is sick.

So the sick award should have gone to Choppy.

Then there should have been the worst dressed prick. It will be none other than Mayabhushan for his short long chaddi and chappals.

Untidy Prick : guess who???

13 February 2008 at 16:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Anon at 11 February 2008 08:24

Robin was the catalyst. I am certain this penpricks fellow is just suffering from a mental block, which prevents him from boarding a bus to Belgaum.

13 February 2008 at 23:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like GT is in crisis with the Penprricks going in for hibernation Rico busy writing reviews, Ashley after being thrown out of TOI interview busy with what he was doing in Herald, Hegde busy winning the prestigious Sangam award and Derrick busy dismantling GT to the hull.

Nobody is left now to take care of Penpricks...SAD

14 February 2008 at 13:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ashley was thrown out of TOI's interview?

15 February 2008 at 07:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where are you Ashley?

We hope you will respond to the comments, or is it that you dont read Penpricks.

If not then ask Derick, he has responded once to the penpricks allegations on plagiarising.

16 February 2008 at 15:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys actually included the 'true lover of Goa',Hema Sardesai's name in these awards? It is the ultimately pathetic thing to do I guess, that too most of all because where on earth is it said that one D'souza is related to the all the thousands of D'souzas, and one Salgaoncar is related to all Salgaoncars etc etc??? So how the hell is this genuine singer and social worker included in these awards???

24 April 2008 at 13:27  

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