Thursday, 17 April 2008


Franky baby... tell us one thing man...
Exactly how is a pimp 'hotly' chased by the Crime Branch? ;) And Franky how big a stake, is a stake in a fledgling activity?

Uzbek women released
PANJIM, APRIL 16 – The four Uzbekistan women arrested for prostitution were let off by the Judicial Magistrate First Class, here, on Wednesday. The four were remanded to 14 days judicial custody yesterday.
The four have been asked not to leave Goa without permission of the court and to report to the Crime Branch daily for the next two weeks between 10 am to 1 pm.
The women were employed by Gulnora Zuraeva, who is being hotly chased by the Crime Branch. A look-out circular has been issued to all immigration check posts at airports and sea ports so that the pimp doesn’t leave the country.
Crime Branch sleuths maintained that the woman’s partner, Rohit Trivedi, who has a big stake in the fledgling activity going on for some time in Goa and some neighbouring states, is also being hunted.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Frankey…
You would be the right person to be the PRO for the Goa police under the guidance of Kishen Kumar the Inspector General of Police. Who I am told will be badly screwed up in the Scarlett Keeling case… , remember the guy telling us during the press conference when he informed about the arrest of Samson DSouza.
What did Samson do he tried to put water on Scarlett face to try an get her into conscious when she was heavily drugged at Lui Café…. so will this case be a murder case?.
Well a little suggestion if you like it take it or just ignore it never … never… take the police at face value…. you might just make a fool of yourself.
Young that you are its right that you use your influence with Mr. IGP and get to the facts of the cases. but the poor IGP has little or no knowledge of what is happening around him in his own office.

18 April 2008 at 10:46  

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