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2 p
ricks out of 10
If there was ever a police
officer who had to eat crow in Nazi-gate it was the additional Director General of Police (Intelligence) Karnataka Police Shankar Bidari. The Indian Express claims that it confirmed the story because of the nod given by Bidari.
It may hav
e been unintentional, but this story has also amply proved how inept our intelligence agencies really are.
These are the same guys, which are responsible for tackling anti-social elements, which are far more roguish than ant 88-year-old SS colonel. These are the same guys on whose intelligence inputs the security of a state or a nation hinges. All these cops were doing in this case was regurgitate media reports.
When IE contacted Bidari again, the bloody chap had the gall to blame his field agents and dismissed queries about his ineptitude. “It was an oral report that we received. The case did not happen within Karnataka’s jurisdiction, so we did not follow it. Lots of things happen on the Internet and we cannot authenticate everything,” Bidari said.
Even if we accept that Bidari merely rephrased the press note for IE’S T A Johnson. Bidari literally invented stuff like the Berlin airlift. Since he has spoken to the media about this, we can safely presume that Bidari also lied to his superiors about this. That’s serious business guys. There ought to be a departmental enquiry against the fella.
The IE did try guys… They tried calling more people than all the other papers put together…

9 pricks out of 10
Rediff.com’s Vicky Nanjappa has a great career in fiction before him. We, Penpricks are largely indebted to both Vicky and Anil Lulla of Telegraph for taking our humble Nazi-Gate story to a completely new imaginative level.
These guys have more of Leon Uris than Bob Woodward in them.

Vicky’s ‘Intelligence Bureau’ sources apparently told him that the fictitious Bach was flown to Berlin and that the latter was ‘tracked by Israeli agencies involved in finding war criminals’. He did not quote anyone.
Hmm… did the Perus Narkp press note state this? NO…

Vicky also lies when he says that ‘German Intelligence’ claims that ‘Bach’ was tracked down ‘after he had placed an advertisement in the local newspaper regarding the sale of an antique piano.’
Did the Perus Narkp press note state this? NO
Vicky’s lies continue as the story goes on.
Vicky now claims that even the Interpol had sounded an alert against Bach and that the German Intelligence had Bach on their most wanted list?
Where did Vicky source all this information from? How did Vicky confirm the Interpol alert? He simply lied. Lied to his bosses. Lied to the readers of rediff.com


Blogger Some like it hot..... said...

Awesome stuff dude.....Rock on, Seriously , what a rotten state of affairs in the media, Until a few days ago I thought it was only the film journalism gone to dogs, but its disgusting to find that even the mainstream media falling for this...Cheers

9 July 2008 at 04:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vicky Nanjappa definitely has a great future in fiction, you should read his other reports!

He will probably grow up into B. Raman, the supposed intelligence analyst. Seems he used to work at RAW, if that is true, I can't imagine what the rest of the intelligence community is like!

16 July 2008 at 01:28  

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