Saturday, 19 July 2008


Hi... Here's a few links for some blogs and media sites which have critiqued Nazi-gate. You guys could run through some of these links if you wish to... The post after this one in all likelihood would be the last post on Nazi-gate, unless there's some significant development on that front... What would qualify as significant... Hmmm say if Telegraph files a story tomorrow claiming that one of its journos have actually trapped Johan Bach somewhere in the Sunderbans...
Until something else turns up guys, its back to the grind...

Indian media fall prey to Nazi war criminal hoax -- International Business Times
Baroque Nazi war criminal hoax — an update -- Reuters
Cutting Edge Lazy Journalism -- Tehelka
Asian (con)Fusion: Nazi war criminal found in Goa. Really? -- Independent
Goa: The 'Super Prank' story that wasn't -- NDTV
Stories that are too good to check -- Hindu
For Indian journos, April 1 comes 9 months early -- sans serif
गोव्यात नाज्ही-गेट व वृत्त पत्रांचे वस्त्रहरण -- Batmidar
With ‘Nazi news’, blog played super prank on media -- Thaindian
Goa Nazi hoax -- Indiamike
Indian media fall foul of Nazi war criminal hoax -- DPA
Bach’s piano & other stories -- Noosemedia
Stupid! -- presstalk


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Penpricks, read the latest issue of Goan Observer(pg 9 - Stray Thoughts)? Rajan Narayan has interesting info of an Editor's Guild meet held last Friday 12th of July. It seems Arun Sinha's 'im.... RAGE' was in full flow at this meet(....). The topic, of course, was Penpricks.
Here are some of the excerpts.....
" Indeed, the principle item on the agenda for the meeting of Editor's Guild convened by Arun Sinha on Friday, was the Penpricks blog......
" Arun Sinha raved and ranted and was insistent that the Editor's Guild should file a CRIMINAL COMPLAINT against Penpricks blog to the Director General of Police".....
Please don't get deterred by(in Rajan Narayan's words) the Godfather General of Molestors threats.
Biharibabu, Arun Sinha, jo garajte hai woh baraste nahin.

(comment edited -- PP)

21 July 2008 at 12:52  
Blogger parthicle said...

OUTLOOK magazine has also published a story on your blog (that's where i came to know about penpricks)

23 July 2008 at 20:25  

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