Monday, 18 February 2008


Henceforth, the phrase ‘to turn a Nelson’s eye’ will henceforth be known as something else altogether in Goa. Thanks to the hardly reported former Herald sports editor Nelson Dias’ peeping tom scandal. Cops booked Nelson Dias after a hidden camera was found in the dressing room of Dubai Shoppe which is owned by Nelson of the ‘roving eye’.
This fact came to light after a woman who was trying out a garment in the dressing room discovered the camera staring at her.
There are a few media related issues here that need looking at. The way the media handled this issue was very very tragic. Herald did not carry this story. We are really not aware if the Navhind times carried this story too? Pls write back and tell us guys we aren’t sure about this. But the Gomantak Times carried it without mentioning Nelson’s name… The only newspaper which perhaps carried the story naming the accused was the Marathi edition of Gomantak and the Goan Observer.
The reason why the media was reluctant when it came to carrying the story or dropping Nelson’s name from the story stemmed from the fact that Nelson runs a moderately successful ad agency and gives a lot of revenue to newspapers. The fact that he did rounds of all newspapers meeting news editors and chief subs also mattered.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is strange how the English Press covers up for somebody - like Nelson - just becuase he feeds them with ads. Nelson, used teh Herald as if he owned it. He was close to Raul and had installed his own boy - Joel - to run his advertising agency. In fact they made a perfect couple. Nelson was Sports Ediotr of Herald but had never held a hockey stick or hit a football. Guess his only claim to fame was bull fights. He was only interested in his commission. Choppy too is a Nelson boy. Though there have been some differences and they swear at each other with "bad words".
It si well known that the NT is a toilet paper but it is sad that a paper run by Derek (GT) should shield a rouge like Nelson, even if he gives the GT ads.
The Goan Observer reported the Nelson story becuase 1) Rajan has a bone to pick with Nelson. Rajan belives that it was Nelson who with the help of Raul threw him out of Herald.
Rajan further beleives that it was Nelson who put the brakes on Tara Narayan writing for the Herald.
2)Gustav Fernandes, the former General Manager of Herald beleives the same. Gustav too has a bone to pick with Nelson for spoiling his name in Panjim and Goa. Gustav was seen as a trusted dog of the Fernandes family.
So Nelson has two enemies in Goa Observer. Both Rajan and Gustav can take their revenge now with Nelson in the dock.

18 February 2008 at 21:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sore Eyes!

That's Public Relations at its best.
Play it down brothers.

If one was to give Nelson the benefit of doubt and buy his statement that the camera was not activated in the storage room, it does not absolve his allowing a camera monitored room to be also used as a trial room.

If he had good communication sense he should have damage controlled by issuing a paid advertisement apologising for the inadvertent use of a camera monitored storage room for trials.

Penpricks, your slip is showing with the double henceforths "Henceforth, the phrase ‘to turn a Nelson’s eye’ will henceforth be known as something ...
Take care henceforth:-)

Eye for detail!

18 February 2008 at 22:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it true that Nelson was running the shop in Santacruz as a front for Raul???? If Nelson was picked up by the cops can Raul be far behind?

19 February 2008 at 00:34  
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19 February 2008 at 06:40  
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