Monday, 3 March 2008


Hey have't you guys been reading as to how the Indian rupee is strengthening against the US Dollar... The Times of India is perhaps the only newspaper to have taken this development a bit too seriously. If the TOI (Actually its an Economic times story) is to be believed (we guys had better start taking stock of the TOI considering the fact that its going to be hitting our shores soon) $ 1 million is approximately only Rs 40 lakh. An alert reader dug out this link for us. Check it out...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will someone give out the work timings of a deskie or a reporter in TOI goa. and the policy on leave and other such matters. Deerrick are you listening?

3 March 2008 at 13:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reporters have been issued laptops. At ToI reporters are expected to be on duty 24/7. You can apply for leave and claim your leave travel allowance. But you will have to report to office and file stories without bylines.

Reporters and deskies must come to office everyday by 11.30 and attend in morning meetings where story ideas are discussed. Of course, the deskies who are on the night shift may go home for lunch, but they need to come back by 5 pm and slog their arses off till the edition goes to bed.

Reporters must give one special story every day and at least two routine stories - three pages have to be filled.

A copy audit is taken every month and performance is graded every quarter. If you are at the bottom 25 per cent for two quarters in a row you are targetted by HR. If you are at the bottom 25 per cent for three of the four quarters in the first year then you will be transferred out.

No falling sick, getting pregnant, etc are not excuses enough.

When you are paid double your salary then you should work at least four times more than you did in the past.

4 March 2008 at 17:37  
Anonymous Men's Underwear said...

he appreciation of Rupee not only has softened the impact of higher oil prices and made capital goods cheaper but has also encouraged Indian tourists to travel abroad. Similarly, students who want to study abroad has to spend less money as US dollar is now cheaper by a similar quantum in rupee terms. Importers are also benefited by paying less money.


2 October 2008 at 19:44  

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