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Hi guys,
Check this story out... One of the most freaky reports we've ever read... Its a story filed by Herald's Poinguinim correspondent on the demolition of shacks at Galgibag. Journos reporting from major towns should take note from this guy's report and learn how to infuse life in these otherwise drab stories.
Check out the part in bold... And Melvyn tone up these correspondent copies man, your sources in the Bishop's Palace won't be too pleased with unnecessary nudity in stories filed by your flock of correspondents...

13 illegal shacks razed at Galgibaga

POINGUINIM, FEB 26 – Authorities on Tuesday demolished 13 shacks illegally operating at the Galgibaga beach. A strong police force was deployed to see that officials, including the BDO, Joint Mamlatdar and Electricity Junior Engineer, accompanying the demolition drive were adequately protected.
While some shack owners demolished the structures on their own, the labourers of the PWD department razed the other structures. Some unhappy shack owners accused local panch Caitan Barreto of passing a resolution regarding their shacks in the panchayat meeting. Speaking to the Herald, Barreto refuted the allegations and claimed that the resolution was passed following directives from higher government officials.
Except for some verbal babblings, no untoward scene was noticed during the demolition drive.
Incidentally, officials were caught unawares when a female foreign tourist was asked to vacate the shack. She packed her bag, undressed herself and walked away naked, much to the embarrassment of onlookers and the demolition drive squad.
Galgibaga beach is one of the few pristine beaches left in the State and the endangered Olive Ridley turtles use this beach to hatch eggs. The government declared this beach as a protected area in 2003 and had entrusted the forest department to safeguard the hatched eggs and to keep thieves at bay.
Last year, 18 turtle nestling sites were detected and protected, but this year, only three sites have been found where turtles nestled. This exodus of the turtles is attributed to ever-growing number of foreign and local tourist to this beach.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the stuff Herald stories are made of. These are the kind of stories that are blindly approved of by senior staff in the Herald.Incidentally,the first to browse through the unscrupulous Poinguinim correspondent's story was Melvyn Mesquita, the assistant chief of new bureau who failed to notice its odd streak. Subsequently, Joel Afonso, the recently promoted assistant editor noticed nothing is amiss.
The aberration should have been rectified at the source itself.With subeditors in Herald being burdened with laying out pages and editing stories in a five hour deadline they can't be faulted.
Melvyn may have deliberately skipped the story since he is frazzled that the management has promoted its Margao reporter as chief of news bureau. Joel, of course, is so ecstatic that he's finally been christened as assistant editor, he hasn't time to read through the stories of the day. But his alibi is that his colleague News Editor, Sergio Caldeira follows the same modus operandi:dump stories without checking them out.
Ironically, these two important stalwarts(Sergio, Joel) were praised profusely by General Manager N Manjunath as martyrs who have shed their blood for the newspaper. My foot, what the GM and the MD have failed to see since I quit the rag seven years ago is that Sergio and Joel are sitting pretty on their arses and getting paid for it, raise by raise.
The only assistant editor among the four in Herald who skims through the reports of the day, when he is available, is former sports editor Francis Ribeiro. I am skeptical whether the Herald management and its editor are aware of the crap that creeps into their roll. If they aren't, sooner or later the ToI will defecate on it.

28 February 2008 at 02:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These foreigners need to be taught a lesson.
They should be deported in the clothes they are wearing.

28 February 2008 at 17:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

does anyone have the nude photo of the tourist in question? share.... share,,,

29 February 2008 at 07:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if they deport her we'll riot... nudism is a dieing breed!

29 February 2008 at 21:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon @ 29 February 2008 21:42

Perhaps you should re-locate to the forests of Papua New Guinea.

Happy journey!

1 March 2008 at 23:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's wrong with the story? If she did take her clothes off, it's news, and ought to be reported.

In fact, any news editor with some sense would have put that bit at the top, as part of the lead.

Does the Moral Majority run Pen Pricks?

5 March 2008 at 13:28  

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