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Hahaha... check this Navhind Times story out guys... UB group has helped start a Primary Health Centre in Bethora and had Digu inaugurate it... This is what Digu said in presence of the United Breweries Goa hitman Govind Tiwari... “One should not wait for the government to provide all such facilities, instead, should pounce on the available health schemes provided by the private firms. I am so glad that the Bethora PHC will exclusively cater to liver transplants, considering the fact that the UB group which sells beer on almost every continent (those penguins just dont take to beer... damn) works like a beacon to liver related ailments." Digu also promised the UB group, that he would render every possible assistance vis a vis the Bethora PHC project, especially in light of Dr Amit Kumar's arrest, which could severly impede the supply of raw liver into the state... hehehe

Private firms should aid social causes: Digambar NT News Service
Ponda, Feb 27:
The Chief Minister, Mr Digamber Kamat said that it is necessary that private firms show interest in social causes and welfare of the public in general.The chief minister was speaking after inaugurating the primary health center at Bethora which was built due to the efforts of the United Beverages (UB) group along with the local panchayat at Bethora, Ponda, on Tuesday evening.
He said that private companies are now showing social interest and health consciousness. “One should not wait for the government to provide all such facilities, instead, should pounce on the available health schemes provided by the private firms,” he advised pointing out that it is often human tendency to accuse the government despite its efforts.
Mr Kamat explained how his government mobilized a scheme of mobile health clinic to help the rural poor and needy.
“The government distributed two mobile health clinics, one for Satari and the other for Gaondongrim-Canacona villagers, as we noticed that the aged people could not even go to the health centers,’’ Mr Kamat emphasized.
He said the clinic will include the X-rays and scanning machines besides general checks-ups.
He mentioned how the aam admi was helped with such clinics in remote areas and added that two more clinics will be brought.
“We wish to provide health facilities at the door step of these villagers,’’ he vowed.
Mr Surendra Sirsat also addressed the gathering.
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of UB group, Mr Govind Tiwari, said that they had commenced water harvesting schemes in the locality and that it helped them improve water supply.
He said that the doctor will be available at the clinic except on Tuesday and Thursday.
Earlier, the chief minister, Mr Kamat cut the ribbon to mark the inauguration of the health center. Ms Asha Kamat was also present for the function.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Their products' abuse destroys the liver. They appease their conciences by providing some basic healthcare. I'm sure if they were sick they would avail of foreign treatment.

Why don't the journos do a story on the 'Kingfisher Villa', Sinquerim, which makes the High Tide Line irrelevant? Rules are for fools, so it would seem!

28 February 2008 at 17:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how come no other newspaper got the report. Either way the local coverage in Navhind Times is looking up.

29 February 2008 at 00:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today, Goa News died. Abandoned, Unsung, Raped, High & Dry. The owners of the Channel who have real estate under the name of Nirvana Nest in the State and put Goa News Stickers on their swanky cars and press cards to gain access and exert clout wherever needed. With the Channel died a unique experiment in the annals of Goan Journalism, an experiment of taking Goa across the globe via audio-visual medium. News that was straight, simple, uncoloured & unopinionated. True to its style HCN was there to gloat over the misfortunes of the 110 who were actually conned by the Management that is struggling with its news channels UP News & Haryana News and the wife & husband lawyer duo of Amit & Rasika Palyekar. One thing did stand it took a non-Goan bravado to start a Goan News & Current Affairs Channel that became the voice of the Konkan. from Chiplun till Belgaum, from Sholapur till year killed it. Adieu, Spirit of Goa.

29 February 2008 at 21:29  

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